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[Guide] Colors, Shadows and Flashes in the chat


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On this server we have enabled the codes to control the look of your text in the chat or your merchant bubble.

First we need to learn about the color codes. 
This is the same format as in html/css but without the #
You can find a simple color picker here : https://htmlcolorcodes.com/color-picker/
Once you selected a color, copy the code you see right of Hex: (without the #)

For the sake of this guide i picked a color already. 


Changing Text Color
To change the color of a certain word, you can use the ^c code followed by the color code. 
I picked this green color, and to change my text to green i write:

 ^c32a585 This text is green

There is also a closing tag if you need one. the close tag is always the uppercase letter of the tag. 
So in this case its ^C

^c32a585 This text is green ^C this text is normal again



Adding a shadow to your text
To add a shadow to your text we use the ^s tag followed by the shadow color.
It works the same like changing the text color. If you need a close tag use ^S

^s32a585 This text has a green shadow



Adding a flash to your text
You can also make your text blinking on and off at the speed you want.
To do this we use the ^f tag followed by the speed. 
We can choose between 0 and 5. 
0 is very fast, 5 is very slow. 

^f2 This text is flashing



Combining these
You can combine all these tags to create a spectacle. 
A fun thing to know is that when you combine a flash with a shadow, the text will flash but the shadow will stay. 



Side notes:
1. the game does not calculate the length of the text it displays but it counts the total text you entered. 
A long code like the previous example will result in a text with a long empty space behind it.

2. If you want to change from 1 color to the other color, you don't need a close tag, you can just use the color tag again.

^cff0000Red Text ^c00ff00Green Text ^c0000ffBlue Text ^CBack to normal color

3. If you want to write in the chat and the first thing you type is ^ it won't work, you need to add a space first. 


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