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Halloween Event


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Happy Halloween 😊

for the extra challenge i take every screenshot of the full staff with the same mask.


[GS]Aiirus: https://prnt.sc/1xhc017

[GS]Regnee: https://prnt.sc/1xhc8xv

[GS]RockStaR: https://prnt.sc/1xhc45q

[GS]Kenzliee: https://prnt.sc/1xhc2bb

[GM]SinCaRa: https://prnt.sc/1xhcb20

[GM] Aang & [HGM]AnXieTy: https://prnt.sc/1xhbxo4

[ADM]Wizatek: https://prnt.sc/1xhc6zr


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9 minutes ago, Kenzliee said:

My cleric is so ugly because my inventory is soo messy i couldnt find proper C2. 

Can we remake the screens at this point? aha 😝

u'd have to clean up ur inventory first... Idk might take another year to remake em at this point :x ❤️

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Pumpkin Rank 31/10/21 




Our favorite one's Event Rank ( cursed GS kills )

The winner is ..... suspense !

Fenix ! With 22 kills on our GS team !

( sure you can make a tiecket for ask to Anx your candy xD )


Halloween Screenshot event winners :


You have since tomorrow 12h00 server time to put all your screenshots here and all winners will be announced !


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Halloween Event Winners 


Pumpkin Final Rank 



Congratz them won a C2 Halloween wings cover with special effect and some extra value !

Result of the top class draw :         MishoV1

Congratz he win a new generic V2 Halloween edition !


Halloween Screenshot Challenge result !

First one to complete : Fenix 

Congratz he win a kenzlie fashion collection wings ! ( just make your choice by ticket )


Halloween B10 Wings winners :



vielZuHeaftsch ( NS)

Dogrical ( NS)

Jeeiph ( rogue )

Josex15 ( NS)

[GS]Aiirus ( rogue)

CumingSoon ( NS)

AmelieLaCroix ( archmage)

Dessitta ( healer) new name Xaayah *

Shodan ( healer) new name ShindovElBandoleroo *


Sabroson ( NS)

KaiShiRoh ( rogue)

xEvie ( rogue)

periThePumpkinhunter ( healer )

Fyxon ( rogue)

xlDarthVader ( NS)

MrGrumpy ( mage)

Stony ( knight)

OwneDx ( NS)

MishoV1 ( NS)

CamingSoon ( NS)

Medusa ( mage)

ShindovElBandolero (NS)

Elinya ( healer)

Reward will be in your mysterious statue soon !


Missing one of staff team can be ADM/HGM/GM/GS : a charm of your choice lvl 7 + pro stalk reward package

XxChInOxX3  ( make a ticket for charm choice)



Halloween Raffle Event result !


Raffle Ticket A = full sp10 for your character choice on your account WON BY Rostam

Raffle Ticket B =  One legendary weapon of your choice 100% seals maxed ! WON BY Layanna

Raffle Ticket C = charm lvl 8 of your choice WON BY XxChInOxX3 

Raffle Ticket D =  wiza surprise ! WON BY JustBlaze


Our favorite one's event result !

Won by Fenix by 22 kills on our GS team ! 

Congratz to him he will win a candy by Anx ! 

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