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It’s all about a simple « Bingo! »


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Hello everyone, 😌

I hope you all had an amazing summer time as I had. ☀️

We are back today for a Bingo! 🤑

The event is not hard, all you have to do is

- Write 10 different number between 0 and 150

- Only one char per IP (not for the siblings playing together) 

- Your char name (if you win, the prizes will be given on the char of your choice) 

The prizes 🎁 

- The first place get B10 halloween wings from 2020 Kenzliee Edition (of your choice), 2K of cash and 2K of holy water 

- Second place get 4 charms LvL 6 of your choice, 5K of cash and 5K of holy water 

- Third get 3 charms LvL 6 of your choice, 2,5K of cash and 2,5K of holy water 

Information :

Everyone is free to participate to the event 

Results will be out the 5Th of September!

The result making will be recorded

Have a nice and lovely day 


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