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Guess the place #3 !


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Hello dear players!

Since our beloved winniee left the staff, nobody is running this event anymore, so im going to take his place and run this event myself !

Im actually out for work at weeks, so i will run this event once per week, from saturday night to next sartuday night,

that will give you 1 full week to give me my location, your screenshot and your IG nickname by answering on this post.

The principle is simple like always, I will put a screenshot here and you will have to search my location on the server, take a screen and post it here with the coordinates.

/!\this time i will ask you for the EXACT coordinates/!\

there will be 3 winners for the exact location (the 3 firsts), but all the participants will be rewarded aswell !

Here are the rewards for the 3 winners :

3 event chip 
1 bonus event chip 
5 H&S cards
1000 Holy Water of Miracle
20 Advanced reforms 


To participate in the event, please put your screen, nickname and the coodinates in answer on this post 🙂


Are you ready to find my location? here we go !

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On 7/26/2021 at 1:01 AM, xannix said:



<a href='https://postimg.cc/FYbN1kh0' target='_blank'><img src='https://i.postimg.cc/FYbN1kh0/annabel.jpg' border='0' alt='annabel'/></a>


hi, can you add again your screenshot? your link is not available i cant clic on it

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alright guys, its time to give you the winners of this first week !

first of all, here is the screenshot with and exact coordinates (1150 - 110) :


And the winners are Fyxon and MerlinxX ! (sry for you xannix, you got the exact coordinates but your screenshot is not available to win..)

Dont worry if you dont win for this week, all participants will also get something, and i will give you another chance to win this week !

all the rewards will be given tommorow by anxiety🙂

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Here is the SS for the second week, lets go guys !

from 01/08/21 to 07/08/21 !

3 winners again this week, exact coordinates needed to win, also be sure to add your ID name and a screenshot available ! 😄

All participants will get something aswell 🙂



Good luck to all participants again !

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