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Oof... Imagine complaining about Meds not being usable while casting as Cleric. If you die w/o it - you're not good enough as a Cleric... You heal in % of max HP, which overwhelms any instance of dmg, so practically to die you need to be hit 3 times per your 1 heal... Yes, I'm one of the Clerics who played long before 275 patch and we didn't have this feature (as I noticed it was short-lived), and with much less HP than you have now (which makes heal less effective as it is, since, you know, max % HP heal), and I still disapprove Meds being used by clerics while casting :).

You don't need meds as cleric normally. You should easily tank 2-3 people as healer class with support around you. With dmg link maybe up to 7 people with anti set etc

So meds not working while skill is kinda ok

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