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  1. As you can see in the database ( https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/ ) : proof A is needed for "You really think Bosses mean nothing?" (quest 8 ) proof B is needed for "Invisible Trip" (quest 26) proof C is needed for "Maze Boss Party" (quest 29) proof D is needed for "Isn't over with Elem Bosses !" (quest 41) proof E is needed for "Return to Aidia" (quest 44)
  2. First of all I'd like to point out that this is an english forum, therefore either post what u've got to say in english or add a translation since not every1 understands french. Secondly, ppl trashtalking aint a technical issue to me. However, trashtalking has been a part of lc for years and tbh its kinda what i also love about the game. If u don't like it there r ways to report disrespectful behaviour etc via tickets, but it doesnt mean everything u might feel offended by will be punished or whatsoever. Also, u're free to leave the game even if u spent money on it (nobody made u do it tho). In addition, id like to say that people dont just leave because of toxic behaviour, but also because 02 is a server full of tons of content uve got to do to be able to finish the endgame the way ure supposed to be. This might demotivate new players. Others, old players leave because there isnt as much to do for them ingame or just because LC is a damn old game tbh. Staff is aware of all this and still keeps trying to make people stay or even come back by putting in their work into new updates etc.
  3. RockNooB Took me almost 2 mins https://imgur.com/a/paZcAQO
  4. u'd have to clean up ur inventory first... Idk might take another year to remake em at this point :x ❤️
  5. Another one for [GM]Aang! ]https://prnt.sc/1xj70n5
  6. [GS]Aiirus : https://prnt.sc/1x7i8q8 [GS]Regnee: https://prnt.sc/1x7i9c3 [GS]RockStaR: https://prnt.sc/1x7i96n [GS]Kenzliee: https://prnt.sc/1x7i92s [GM]SinCaRa: https://prnt.sc/1x7i9gv [GM]Aang: https://prnt.sc/1x7i8co [HGM]AnXieTy: https://prnt.sc/1x7i8xg [ADM]Wizatek: https://prnt.sc/1x7i9m1
  7. shoudl i draw u like that @RockStaR? http://images5.fanpop.com/image/polls/1064000/1064489_1341069651637_full.jpg?v=1341069671
  8. Hello, I'd like to share a boo!-tiful picture! Tbh I don't rly care it's just meant to be funny. So here we go: https://prnt.sc/1x4k1pv P.S. please appreciate my paint skills.
  9. I personally see him as a chihuahua
  10. Hello dear LCGN02-community! Today I'd like to share one of my masterpieces. It took me quite a while and therefore I'm pretty proud. I tried my best to portrait our dear [GS]RockStaR the perfect way! I hope you like it! https://imgur.com/a/5U1DHbu Obviously it's not meant to hurt anybody. Even tho I'm not the biggest RockStaR fan (don't dare you share that pick again David) it's meant to be funny. RockStaR already saw this beautiful portrait of him. Just don't take everything too serious and laugh sometimes.
  11. 9 / 17 / 33 / 65 / 70 / 78 / 83 / 99 / 112 / 146 Arschrical
  12. https://prnt.sc/11rhamt IGN: [GS]xAesrical
  13. Aesrical

    Guess the place !

    https://prnt.sc/118v7hu [GS]xAesrical
  14. Time for another winner! :D [Bot-GS]Aang https://prnt.sc/10vew0f [Queen]Kenzliee https://prnt.sc/10vewsy [GS]PvElorion https://prnt.sc/10vexr3 [GS]Noobstar https://prnt.sc/10veyuk [GM]RarelyHidingWiwi https://prnt.sc/10vez6o [GM]SinCat https://prnt.sc/10vez9o [BOSS]AnXieTy https://prnt.sc/10vey6j Tbh, yet no clue of the right sentence rip. edit : i think you know the missing word because it is your, but well, gl to find the sentence now pve gs :3 Alright, I'll go with: Left or right, the choice is your(s). I'd take Mage's Butterflybrightblue Wing. Also I'd like to get a Skillspeed Charm obviously on my GS Char pls (xAesrical) :')
  15. Daily Quest Juno There are several Daily Quest in Juno. Moving from the Spawn Pad towards Bianca, you'll see the Event Reward Shop: The Daily Quest is called „Slay the Supernaturals“. These are Statues which spawn on 10 different spots in Egeha randomly. These Statues and their following spawns have to be killed: They can be found at 10 different spots: 150,1017 162,177 419,427 446,1407 808,1284 861,720 939,1127 1151,527 1383,1348 1469,642 Rewards: 100k Sp Container 5x Super Natural Box 1x (https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/26622) Moving towards Arena, you‘ll find Weekly Quests NPC. Here you‘ll find a quest each day. You‘ll need to kill several mobs to get 1 letter each day and a Daily Quest Ball. After finishing all quests in 1 week, you can open the Weekly Quest Rewards Box. Weekly Quest Monday: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2269 Juno: 1000,1264 Weekly Quest Tuesday: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2270 Strayana: 1126,970 Weekly Quest Wednesday: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2271 Misty Canyon: 563,366 Weekly Quest Thursday: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2272 Dratan: 428,2362 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2286 All over in Nine Curve Dungeon Weekly Quest Friday: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2273 Egeha: 311,992 Weekly Quest Saturday: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2274 Monster Ring (to be entered in Juno at 1274,1050) Weekly Quest Sunday: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2268 All over Velpist/Tomb/Prokyon Weekly Quest Buff: Moving towards Arena, you‘ll also meet the Daily Fox: It will give you the opportunity to take up to 4 quests (check out the links to take a look at your potential rewards!) 1. Hardcore Grinders https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2102 (pretty useless due to high effort) 2. Brother Fluton https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2103 (easy to do after you hit 220) 3. A Letter for Diederik https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2104 (needs some time but pretty easy) This one is the start of a small questline. Following Quest 1: Cleaning up around me 1/2 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2105 Cleaning up around me 2/2 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2106 Return to Juno https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2107 4. Incognito (Ramslo, Tarian) + Ramslo (very easy and to be combined with Ramslo by an other NPC) https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2108 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2061 Close to the Arena and near a bridge you‘ll find another three Daily Quest NPCs. Left one: Ramslo Mid: Harpy 1/3 – 3/3 Compra (pretty useless) Right: Forgetfulness Harpy: 3 Quests in which you have to kill 3 Harpy Destroyer outside of Juno each time. Near Hunter Dranore you‘ll find „Harpy Stone“. You‘ll need to kill them to spawn the needed Harpy Destroyer. Quest Rewards Harpy 1/3 Chaos Ball Harpy 2/3 Chaos Ball Harpy 3/3 Chaos Ball, Daily Quest Ball But Juno isn‘t the only place to take Daily Quest! Moreover you can take Daily Quests in Temple of Forgetfulness Aden Aidia Nine Curve Dungeon Temple of Forgetfulness Mobs needed: Barren Eise 3x https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/npcs/view/266 Blood Terrain 3x https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/npcs/view/268 Erraticrat 3x https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/npcs/view/1259 Rewards: Drifting into Darkness – Title Daily Quest Ball Aden [Daily] Aden Warrior The [Daily] Aden Warrior is split into two seperate quests: 1. 50x Racoons, Witch Apprentice and 50x Eligor. 2. 50x dead Man Ripper, Argonite Giant and 50 Argonite Kallash Protector. Those quest can be done without finishing your questline as mentioned below. Moreover, you‘ll be able to do daily quest killing all Aden Bosses after finishing your Aden Questline which is explained detailed right here: After you've done all quest, you'll have the opportunity to kill each boss atleast once per day. If you've got some Second Chance scrolls you can do the accordingly quest twice. You can't do it more often than twice a day per char! Aidia Every day you‘re able to do the Daily Affinity Grinder A – F in Aidia. Between 250 and 265, this is one way to lvl up. After reaching 265, you‘ll only get Daily Quest Ball. Where to take the quest? Right here! What‘s needed for this Quest? Each quest you‘ll need 3x different items, each time 25x, so per quest 75 in general. Nine Curve Dungeon It offers you to do 2 Daily Quest. One of them is: PvP Quest, the other one is The Destroyer. PvP Quest: killing 15 players in Nine Curve Dungeon will get you a Proof of Kills and a Daily Quest Ball The Destroyer: You need 4 Proof of Kills to get The Destroyer – Title: "The Destroyer" is the same as the title above! Note: There are more Daily Quest, such as quests given by Maze Master or in Alber. But the mentioned quests above are the most common and most useful due to the items they give. If you want to know more about the Daily quest on other maps, feel free to check out our Database: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/ Daily Quest Ball Exchange The Daily Quest Balls you receive from your [Daily] quests can be exchanged to some decent items at Estella in Juno. She offers you the following items: The Titles „You better start running“, „Player Killer“, „Killings anything that moves“ as well as „LCGN02 Best PvP Player“ have to be traded against PVP Trophy. You‘ll need atleast 500 of them for the first title and up to 5000 for the last one. The best thing as a newbie is to exchange your farmed Daily Quest Balls for Advanced Grade Re-Former. You‘ll get 1 Re-Former for 3 Daily Quest Ball. It‘s a good opportunity to farm some gold because they easily sell for 9b ( each! You also might start finishing your Affinities or your Faction by trading your Daily Quest Ball against the needed items. But to do so, there are also other opportunities! One of them is to participate in our Events! We try to do one everyday, so you better be attentive. However, mostly we give away some H&S Cards, which can be used to open H&S Boxes from Event Reward Shop. Right now, there are 9 Boxes available. Event Rewards Some of them only need 1 H&S Cards, other even 2 or up to 3 cards to be opened. https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/20617 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/21306 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/21308 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/21309 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/21310 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/21552 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/26757 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/20615 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/20616 Moreover, you‘ll get Event Chips if you win a normal event round. Those can be exchanged next to Bianca at Event Reward Exchange. The items to get are the following: Bonus Event Chips can be exchanged at the same NPC for following items: The amount of e.g. Faction Points is different. You‘ll only get 1 Faction Points Item for 1 Event Chip, but 10 FP for 1 Bonus Event Chip. Just check it out yourself! :) Now let‘s move to the last part of this guide: Participation Points Everytime you participate in any PvP Event, no matter if it‘S LMS, CTF, any Siege or Cursed Woords, you‘ll receive Participation Points. Those can be exchanged for the following items at Participation Point Exchange next to your Weekly Quests: Take a look yourself aswell and decide which one‘s the most important or useful item to you! Hopefully this guide may help you in any way.
  16. Welcome to Aden, Warrior! Aden is an old world to most of us. But as a new player and even as an old-established one there are plenty of opportunities for you. Let‘s start at the beginning of your adventure. Right now, you better befriend yourself with the Aden Affinity first. Why should you start your Aden Affinity? You might craft yourself some 250 parts (which you don‘t necessarily need) You‘ll need full Aden Affinity to befriend to Aidia Affinity You‘ll be in need of 50 million Aden Affinity Points to befriend to Lost Pyramid Affinity. To get some more information, you should check out the Affinity Guide by [GM]Wiwi: But now let's start with your quests! All of it starts at Tristan who can be found near the north gate: He gives you your first quest: Killing 50 Racoons and 40 Owl Wizard all around of Aden Town. They can be found around the town of Aden. Just pass the gate and you'll be able to kill the first ones! While killing the mobs needed for your quest to level up, Grand Aden Treasure Box might spawn: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/npcs/view/5055 It may drop you some Second Chance scrolls for your [Daily] Boss quests or also materials or Town Boss Box A as well as Generic Ring V2. If you‘re lucky, you might get a decent Accessory or even some usefull/expensive jewels such as Coral1 Lv.5 (C15). After finishing your first quest (Hunting) by Tristan, he‘ll send you to Senior Guard Paul at the east gate of Aden. Now he wants you to kill some monsters around Aden. You‘ll need to collect Animal Bones by Racoons, Owl Wizard or Lael Mahum. https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2115 Not every mob will count as an Animal Bone, so you‘ll need to kill some mobs. But the more mobs you kill the more gold and items you‘ll get ;) Paul won‘t give you a following quest. The next NPC giving a quest will be Hero Rapire, close to Paul . Now you‘ve got to kill 30 Lael Mahum. Following, Rapire will send you to Godiva. But now he also offers you to do the [Daily] Boss Troll: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2117 (This is one of 11 Daily Boss Quest in Aden. More information about it will follow later.) You'll find Godiva here: Godiva doesn‘t need your services. But there are more NPCs around her that will need your help! Frederick will need you to kill 100 Man Ripper which you have passed while riding towards Godiva. He calls it „Murder by Numbers“: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2120 Make sure to use your buffs and a Defense Elemental Jewel on your shirt. Also, you better use your stuns because they will attack you in groups. While doing your quest, you‘ll recognize Spirit Keeper. It‘s one of Aden Castle Siege monsters. You‘ll need it to finish your Legendary Questline in Juno! But you better don‘t hit it yet :p However, Frederick will be in need of more help. He sends you to kill 30 Lilim Assassin. Pay attention after finishing this quest! Frederick doesn‘t want to give you the rewards :p You‘ll need to go back to town and meet Unicycler Joe, next to the Quick Job Change Service. It will force you to learn your Crafting Skills! Therefore you have to move to Crafting Maid Agita at the west side of Aden town, close to the gate. To fulfill her requests, you‘ll need some materials which you may have dropped while doing your other quests so far. But if you didn‘t pick them up you either start killing some more mobs to drop them or you‘ll do it the way it used to be in the old days: You can find the farms here, infront of Aden Town: Make sure to buy your needed tools from Donald at farms! To finish your quests given by Agita, you‘ll need following materials: Red Eye 1x White Candle 1x Blue Eye 1x Afterwards, Agita will send you to John of Gaunt. To help him, you‘ll have to kill 25x Lilim Assassin and 35 Virud Lizardman around him. The next step will be to kill 50 Wild Giant Strider. They can be found in this area: After finishing this quest, you‘ll be send to Frans Abel, back in Aden Town (A). Frans is going to send you to the beloved Grandpa Dutchy, again in Aden Town. Dutchy needs you to place a Spycam, which can be bought from him at given coordinates. Afterwards Dutchy will send you to Oliver Cromwell. He‘s right next to your placed Spycam. Oliver offers you two differnt quests now. 1. Flybeasts https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2134 2. Genesis https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/quests/view/2135 The monsters for your Flybeasts quest are around Oliver. You can‘t miss them. Those needed for your Genesis quest are here: After finishing your quests, Oliver will give you the Zombie Raid quest. You‘ll need to kill 30 of them and can find them here: You‘ll also find an other Spirit Keeper between all the Zombie Raid. After you finished your Zombie Raid quest, you‘ll need to go to Gregory. He‘s going to let you kill 150 Eligor, which are here: Afterwards, you‘ve almost done half the way :‘) Following you‘ve got to go to Anne of Cleves. She‘ll send you back to Oliver who‘ll send you to Hildegard. Hildegard is surrounded by monsters aswell. Therefore, she needs your help. Firstly, she wants you to kill 35 Guard Machine. Afterwards, Hildegard will need 35 Mechanic wheels. To get them, you‘ll need to kill Mechanic Golem. Not all mobs will count so you‘ll need to kill plenty of them to finish your quest. But be carefull while doing your quests given by Hildegard. They don‘t really like players and hit you hard. However, as soon as you‘ve done your Hildegard quests, she‘ll send you to Mirabelle. Mirabelle will ask you to kill 25 Silver Cat surrounding her. But her neighbour Walter De Bolbec also has a quest for you: he demands 45 dead Witch Apprentice. Afterwards, Mirabelle asks you to take care of a Stolen Ball. To get the Soccer Ball, you‘ll need to kill more Silver Cat. As well as in other quests, you need to kill more than just 1 Silver Cat to finish your quest. After you brought back the stolen ball, you better turn around and talk to Muriel. She‘ll give you an other 2 quests: Collect Rings and Visit Adelaide. At this point, you‘ll need to collect 20 green, yellow and red rings. They are dropped by: Yellow Ring: Silver Cat Red ring: Witch Apprentice Green Ring: Walking Fungus It‘ll take some time to collect those rings as not every mob counts as a „dropped ring“ . After you‘ve finished this one, you move to Adelaide. The first thing she‘ll do is to ask you to get an other item from Dutchy: Following, you‘ll have to kill Krakian which are surrounding Adelaide. They‘ll drop „fruits“. You‘ll need 35 of them, but it‘s gonna be the same as Soccer Ball and many other quests before: not all killed mobs will count :p After you brang back all her fruits, Adelaide will send you back to Muriel. Muriel on the other hand will send you to help the Injured Adventurer, who can be found here: To help him, you‘ll need to get the third and last item from Dutchy: In the following, you‘ll have to kill 25x Half around the Injured Adventurer. But killing 25 Half isn‘t enough! 50 more waiting for you! The questline moves on. Now you‘ll have to kill 30x Devil Jailer! Now you‘re ready to move on to Peyton! His mission for you: Bulking it up. What does it mean? Now, you‘ve got to kill 100 Aragonite Shamalan and 100 Argonite Khelva Worker! They are located northern of Peyton himself. After you‘re done doing your service for Peyton this time, he‘ll send you to Joseph Rowntree. He‘ll let you kill 25 Bronze Golem Fighter, which are – guess what – surrounding him! Afterwards you better kill some SlayerDarker because Joseph is in need of some Sword Fragments! And once again: not every mob will count. Right now, we‘re getting very close to the end! After killing 5 Argonite Giants (where you‘ll find an other Spirit Keeper) you‘ll have to kill an other 30 Argonite Kallash Protector. If you‘ve done it so far, there will be 2 quests left: Visit Janshai by Peyton. And the last one is to move back to Aden Town to Solina the Saint of Aden. Alright. But why should you suffer while doing all those quest; spending so much time in finishing them? There are a few and simple reasons: You can start farming your Aden Affinity You can farm some gold while doing your quests Without finishing your Questline you won‘t be able to do all [Daily] Boss X quest But what Boss Quest am I talking about? After finishing some quests, a NPC will offer you atleast 2 quests. One will lead you to an other NPC with more quests. The second one is a [Daily] Boss X quest. One example is [Daily] Boss Troll by Hero Rapire (you know him from the beginning): At all, there will be 9 boss quests + 2 big boss quests: Number NPC Boss 1 Unicycler Joe [Big Boss] Hundred Eye (2x) 2 Hero Rapire Troll 3 Forthwind Marshal 4 John of Gaunt Sailren 5 Janshai Fat Hunter 6 Injured Adventurer Velociraptor 7 Mirabell Great Fungus 8 Adelaide Fury Maligoth 9 Hildegard Hound Maligoth 10 Anne of Cleves Husk Aysarock The NPCs and Bosses can be found here: Number 1 - 10: Quest NPC Circles (green): Place of boss, close to NPCs Cirlces (yellow): Place of boss, far away of the NPC Mostly, NPC and Boss are very close to each other. But there are some exceptions, especially the quests by Hildegard and Unicylcer Joe. The place the bosses spawn are depicted by yellow circles in the picture above. So, what‘s left in Aden now? In addition to the [Daily] Boss Quests, there are two more [Daily]-Quest given by Dragonborn: He‘ll ask you to kill 50x Racoons, Witch Apprentice and 50x Eligor. The second quest he‘ll demand 50x dead Man Ripper, Argonite Giant and 50 Argonite Kallash Protector. Those two quests can be done without doing the questline above, as well as the [Daily] Big Boss quest! Moreover, in Aden you‘re able to meet Schoonmoeder, who‘ll give you the quest for your „Bosses mean nothing to me“ title (which is pretty useless now due to the Legendary Quest :p). Also you can get yourself some more pets: https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/220 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/221 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/222 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/224 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/229 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/225 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/226 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/227 https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/pets/view/228 To get them, you‘ll have to buy an item from the P2 Merchant in Aden Town: With the item in your inventory, you‘ll have to enter here: Double click the item and you‘ll receive a quest scroll and a book to summon the monster you‘ve got to kill! After you‘ve done it, you‘ll have to open your quest list (L) and click on the quest itself, which should be at „Completed Quest“. Now you‘ve got to click on „Completed“ below the text on the right side! Hopefully this guide was a help to you in any way. You can gather more information about your Daily Quests right here: https://forum.lcgenericname02.lc/index.php?/topic/27-guide-daily-quest-event-rewards-participation-points/
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