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  1. My winner is....Bizarrap but could be better with madrid not sevilla:(
  2. ShaaLa

    Halloween Event

    im sure u will give smthing like it 😕
  3. ShaaLa

    Halloween Event

    he hide rly good couldnt find.
  4. ShaaLa

    Halloween Event

    [GS]Aiirus -> https://prnt.sc/1wnrndk [GS]RockStaR -> https://prnt.sc/1wrux9y [GS]Kenzliee -> https://prnt.sc/1wroymv [GM]Aang -> https://prnt.sc/1wtorm8 [GM]SinCaRa -> https://prnt.sc/1wnp182 [HGM]AnXieTy -> https://prnt.sc/1wtouww [ADM]Wizatek -> https://prnt.sc/1x94u3p
  5. This one is for my love Anxyety. That was a hard work but worth! https://prnt.sc/1x0ek1b
  6. yes but when u go, im there alrdy
  7. ill reply u fast and easy its my event and i allow it as much as i want. I guess on rules i didndt say only chars from dangerous can use it. Others can use too.
  8. ShaaLa

    Halloween Event

    u can buy tickets a b c and d . as much u want
  9. Hey its time for another pvp event 2v2 this time u will need to have 1 range char and 1 meele char in ur team , easy no? We will run it on dratan arena Rules: - Cleric and Tk are not allowed. -P2 buffs not allowed. -Garlands not allowed. -Siege cover not allowed. -Buffs from others chars and souls not allowed(Just from ur teammate allowed) -New pvp items not allowed(last event it will not be allowed) -Invi allowed 1 time per duel! Best of 3. Rewards: FIrst place: Halloween wings(Character bound, on the char u won) Second place: 5 New candle+25 New pouch. Every1 who participate will get 2 Hs cards. Day and time: Saturday 21:30 Server time. Just reg if ur 100% sure u can assist , ty.
  10. Rank 1: CamingSoon 13 pts. Rank 2 : EarthquakeMagnitude9 11pts. Rank 3: Rostam 10 pts. Gz to all
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