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  1. ShaaLa


    Event move to tomorrow 16:00
  2. For the next time, if u wanna save a name, make a new char, go webpage rename it, then when u wanna use it back rename to some random thing, and its free, but if u try to save making a new char with the name u wanna save it wont work.
  3. ShaaLa


    Hello !! I will run a spawn event next saturday [21.05.2022 17:30 server time].
  4. ShaaLa


    Hello.!! I will run a special bingo this saturday 14 at around 18:00 (time can be changed). This time is diferent, you have to pay 250b for a ticket, you can buy max 5 ticket per IP. Every ticket will have your 5 numbers (1-150). Example: Ticket1 : 20 30 40 50 60, Ticket2: 30 40 50 100 120 I will make 3 normals rounds with some nice rewards, and a bonus round with some nice rewards too and a Dragon wing v2 box! The event will be run on Merac ch2! For any question send me a private or find me ingame.
  5. hello, yes u need the max rank
  6. ShaaLa


    Hello , i will run a Bingo event today with some nice rewards! 22:25 ( 10 mins after Curse woods). Little spoiler on bonus round we will give a halloween wing(character bound) to the winner! See you today in game Merac ch2.
  7. The winner is..................... LALISA! with 11 points. Send me private with the seals u want. Ty every1 for participate and ty to our gs 's for help!
  8. Heey ,its time for race event tournament v2!! Its simple, every GS will make a race event with 3 normals rounds+2Bonus. Normals rounds give 1 Point+Normals rewards. Bonus rounds give 2 Points+Bonus rewards. The player (Same char) with more points will win a custom tittle called "The Race King" or "The Race Queen". You can choose the stats from this List (5 ) : HR 4500, Evasion 4500, Weapon Attack 40%, PvP incr. 16%, PVP dmg Decrease 3,75% , HP 20% , Con 16% , Anti Stone 50% , Anti Stun 20% , Anti Silence 20%) - You cant combine all 3 anti seals. -When you want Pvp increase and decrease on the tittle you get 10% pvp Increase and 2.5% Pvp Dmg Decrease - Duration : 1 Month Event time from Monday 18/04/2022 to Sunday 24/04/2022. Day 1 [GS]Aiirus Monday 21:00-22:30. Day 2 [GM]ShaaLa Tuesday 21:30-22:45. Day 3 [GS]Shindov Wednesday 18:00-20:00. Day 4 [GS]xHekate Thursday 20:00-22:00. Day 5 [GS]LiLoo Sunday 22:00-23:30. Server time. (Time is indicative ,not forced ones, they may variate) For any question make sure to find me in game or Pm me.
  9. well if ur farming art on atlantis and u want to fuse then u need to go juno and u always loses it. maybe its possible to add the miner trainer npc in atlantis town
  10. well u cant click Z bcs u would write it on the chat just go in this icon : https://prnt.sc/26vkt4f and select the option enter chat.
  11. they are needed in other quest.
  12. as aeriscal says its a english forum. add a translate , second if ppl is rude or smth u can add them on ignore list and ofc if they use something banable just report it
  13. My winner is....Bizarrap but could be better with madrid not sevilla:(
  14. ShaaLa

    Halloween Event

    im sure u will give smthing like it 😕
  15. ShaaLa

    Halloween Event

    he hide rly good couldnt find.
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