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  1. My cleric is so ugly because my inventory is soo messy i couldnt find proper C2. Can we remake the screens at this point? aha 😝
  3. Keep harassing me and I’ll choke you with a pizza 😕
  4. (let me know if you need more explaination)
  5. Hello everyone Thank you for participating to this bingo. The first winner with the wing is Lisek117, congratulations Lisek, you win b10 halloween wings, please choose your color between Black, white, Half red and black and Goldish brown and your class. You also win 2K of cash and 2K of holy water. 🙂 Our second winner is AroxX, who was one number close to win, unfortunate this time! you win 4 charms LvL 6 of your choice, 5K of cash and 5K holy water! 🙂 Our third winner, Major wins 3 charms LvL 6, 2,5K of cash and 2,5K holy water Thank you to everyone for participating!! Prizes will be availaible this monday on your Mysterious Statue, for the wings, please PM me ! 🙂 Have a nice week coming
  6. Hello everyone, 😌 I hope you all had an amazing summer time as I had. ☀️ We are back today for a Bingo! 🤑 The event is not hard, all you have to do is : - Write 10 different number between 0 and 150 - Only one char per IP (not for the siblings playing together) - Your char name (if you win, the prizes will be given on the char of your choice) The prizes 🎁 : - The first place get B10 halloween wings from 2020 Kenzliee Edition (of your choice), 2K of cash and 2K of holy water - Second place get 4 charms LvL 6 of your choice, 5K of cash and 5K of holy water - Third get 3 charms LvL 6 of your choice, 2,5K of cash and 2,5K of holy water Information : Everyone is free to participate to the event Results will be out the 5Th of September! The result making will be recorded Have a nice and lovely day 💜
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