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    3-7-9-26-42 DooMsday
  2. Shot 1: Judgement Shot 2 Shot 3: Sorrow 😢
  3. SS4 Signature, you're welcome 🤣
  4. It is all about the windows & gpu updates My fps are on average 6-8 times lower in central juno ch2 before updating. Sometimes you have to check & do it several times per week 😏
  5. That's a good idea but i think most players have their toons spread thru different accounts. I'd suggest a system to unable trading it between chars either being logged from the same iP (that could be exploited wth account sharing), or sending them between chars logged on accounts registered on the same email address, which would be almost impossible to exploit. The point is that yeah, the current system is quite problematic, I personally have sp & atlantis skills maxed on one char and I'm just stuck with all kind of sp containers in my inventory from tudra, nine curves, forlorn bosses and so on... Would be nice to be able to use those on my other chars without fkin up the ig market by making them tradable with no restrictions again 😛
  6. Whenever I get this kind of fps drops it comes from windows "non-essential" updates they release from time to time and which you have to manually click to install after investigating for further update check in the menu. For the ping it looks like a you-problem related to your connection, check wth the company, your routers n sht and try without vpn if you use one. Happens to old gen routers to go crazy sometimes, restart just to make sure like elorion suggested xd
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    Holy fk you're an imbecile
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    Wherever I go on this forum I see more n more of your stupidity 😂
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