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  1. Alright so, here we go for the winners ! Our dear [ADM]Wizatek choose : Periwinkle with https://prnt.sc/1xj5s9g The fatty [HGM]AnXieTy choice go to : Shindolphino with https://prnt.sc/1x4isvy GM Sincarat choose : Periwinkle with https://prnt.sc/1xj62xk Lazy [GM]Aang choice is : Sybella with https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/44/r1bp.png [GS]Aiirus choose : Sybella with https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/44/n2xc.png [GS]Regnee choice is : Bizarrap with https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/44/pfd6.png [GS]Kenzliee go to : Periwinkle with https://prnt.sc/1xj68s5 And finally, [GS]RockStaR choose : Yoke with https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/44/dtes.png i will need all the winners to send me a private message on the forum with these informations : For the ADM, HGM and GM's winners : the class you want the wings, and your ingame name (think before choose, the wings will be character bound) For GS's winners : Which charms you want (you won 2 charms lvl 7, so it can be 2 different charms aswell) and your ingame name
  2. Alright guys, i will close this event here. The winners will be announced later (i need to get every staff members to judge his own part) gl to all ! 😄
  3. Nice draw! you did your best to draw this right ? xD
  4. i finally found it xD i knew i already seen this rabbit somewhere e.e
  5. [GS]Aiirus [GS]Regnee [GS]Kenzliee and [GM]Aang [GM]SinCaRa (aka sincarat 😘) [ADM]Wizatek And last one : [HGM]AnXieTy (finally omg)
  6. yea i know xD isnt it the rabbit from alice ?
  7. you need to draw it, not to take a pic from google and post it here jajaja
  8. is it how you see me xD ? ok i love it jajaja
  9. Hello guys, i see already some cutes draws here, but remember that you can draw us how you see us, you dont need to draw our exact ingame character ! I said it already, but you can draw me as a dog if you want, or sami at a queen if you prefer, draw how you see us !
  10. you can draw each staff member to get more chances to win aswell, not only 1 of us ^^ and good one btw 🙂
  11. Hello everyone, i come back today with a new idea for an event! what is this event ? The principle is simple, you will have to draw the staff members as you tought they are (one draw for each staff member). You will have until the end of Halloween event to give us our draw! Some exemples : You think of me as a dog ? lets go and draw it, You think anxiety looks like a pizza? draw it too! /!\WARNING/!\ I would not accept any obscene or insulting drawing of the targeted staff member aswell Multiples wins are alloweed! One last rule : Its Halloween time guys, so i want to see in every draw something that remind us of Halloween! (halloween univers) What about the rewards ? I fought body and soul to get you the best possible rewards, There will be 1 winner for each staff member. And here is what i got to give you : For each GS : 2 lvl 7 charms of your choice. For each GM's / HGM's / ADM's : Halloween wings v2 char bound of your choice, sended on YOUR characters only (we will check IP and email aswell), That mean you cant gift them to any other player. The GS's are also alloweed to participate in this event too, Except me aswell because its my event, Also except for there own draw because i will ask them to be the judge for it with me. if no one else has a question, it's time for us to let you show us the artists sleeping in you! good luck everyone, and hope you would like this event!
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