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  1. We did let you defend yourself. You claimed it was a mistake, you were not hacking, your ping was 4 and you were using a lv 8 charm. So we checked the logs for you : You were not using a lv 8 skill speed charm and your ping was 77.4. So as you see, we do not believe what people say, we do believe only in the logs files 🙂 Spreading lies doesn't work here mate, we are smarter than this :3 Better luck next time maybe!
  2. Little advice for your future gaming: don't break the rules and get banned so many times if you want to actually enjoy the game my friend :3
  3. Hello, you can reset it in game if you know the account security code. There is an option for it
  4. Yes it happens when the boss gets stuck in a wall or under the ground
  5. Hello, i see that the last one you completed is Report for Duty D5, so you should have your next quest " Discover District 5a" at the Npc Syrulliana Di Annte
  6. AnXieTy

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    Left : Aiirus English - Spanish Take care nub! Thank you for your work!
  7. AnXieTy

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    Removed due inactivity: xHekate English - German Thanks for your work!
  8. AnXieTy

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    Left : ShaaLa English - Spanish Take care and thank you for your work!
  9. Hello, if you send a ticket about it, we will check and see what happened.
  10. Hello, yes the character name stays even if the char is deleted. You can send a ticket and we can try to sort it out for you!
  11. AnXieTy

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    Left: Liloo English - French - Spanish Desperado English - Russian-Turkish Thank you for your work!
  12. AnXieTy

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    Added: TilDeath English Liloo English - French - Spanish xHekate English - German Desperado English - Russian-Turkish Shindov English - Bulgarian - Greek Welcome and good luck to everyone!
  13. AnXieTy

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    Alright, April's fool is over. So let's just stick with the proper one. Promoted to Trial GM: ShaaLa English - Spanish Good luck!
  14. AnXieTy

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    Promoted to Trial GM: Regnee English - Spanish Aiirus English - Spanish Added: Nino English - Italian Good luck with your duties!
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