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  1. Hello, we will try to do it tomorrow morning, so the issue should be fixed. Thanks for your patience
  2. Hello, this is a bit complicated issue then. Only way to fix it is to do a complete restart of the server, so it cannot be done lightly and will take a while to do it. Please be patient till then.
  3. And there are no cpu/ram high values when those dc happens?
  4. Hello, the admin was busy working on the patch so he had no time to analize yet the file you sent us via ticket. I'll make sure he will be reminded about it. In meanwhile, did you already try to reinstall the game from a fresh new download from the website? Maybe some file got corrupted over time and is causing you this issues. It might worth a shot
  5. AnXieTy

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    Left: RockStaR English - French Thank you for your work!
  6. AnXieTy

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    Left: Kenzliee English - French - Portuguese Thank you so much for your work!
  7. Yes those ones, they sign the time of the error when it happens in their names
  8. Hello, can you sent up via ticket the bmp file? it will be named as the timestamp on when the error accurred
  9. Hello players, It appears that some of items who had an expiration date were in fact not expiring from the inventory. The latest reboot fixed this issue. If you noticed some items/boxes expiring as you logged in, that is normal. It means their expiration date was supposed to be due in the past.
  10. I smell hacks! 🤫 Anyway ok, we will have a look into the logs and let you know as soon as possible via ticket reply. In meanwhile, let's just blame Shaala for it alright?
  11. AnXieTy

    Halloween Event

    Enjoy it bud ✌️
  12. Did you try to reinstall already?
  13. very accurate for rockstar i would say xD
  14. AnXieTy

    Halloween Event

    Man how dope is that pic.
  15. i need this to be implemented on league!
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