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  1. Hello, if you send a ticket about it, we will check and see what happened.
  2. Hello, yes the character name stays even if the char is deleted. You can send a ticket and we can try to sort it out for you!
  3. AnXieTy

    Staff List

    Left: Liloo English - French - Spanish Desperado English - Russian-Turkish Thank you for your work!
  4. AnXieTy

    Staff List

    Added: TilDeath English Liloo English - French - Spanish xHekate English - German Desperado English - Russian-Turkish Shindov English - Bulgarian - Greek Welcome and good luck to everyone!
  5. AnXieTy

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    Alright, April's fool is over. So let's just stick with the proper one. Promoted to Trial GM: ShaaLa English - Spanish Good luck!
  6. AnXieTy

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    Promoted to Trial GM: Regnee English - Spanish Aiirus English - Spanish Added: Nino English - Italian Good luck with your duties!
  7. AnXieTy

    In Game Rules

    Rules specification and enlargement: Third party software to farm monsters. Since we see a disturbing eccess of these situations happening in the past few weeks, is in order to specify that: Farming with multiple accounts at the same time from the exact same device is a clear symptom of a third party software usage. Therefore from now on it will be counted as such and lead to a PERMANENT BAN according to the rules. This rules will be applied from tomorrow 20/03/2022
  8. AnXieTy


    Hello everyone, Due the recent development regarding the Ukraine and Russia conflict, we exhort you all to avoid making jokes about the current war situation. It is a very delicate time and those sort of jokes even if harmless, are totally inappropriate. Keep things respectful for those people who are living this very troubled reality. Best regards.
  9. AnXieTy

    Staff List

    Back to GS : Aang English - German
  10. Hello, ye the community can be toxic per times, we can't deny that. Altough, we offer the players every mean to deal with it. We do have proper rules against insults, bad behaviour and harrassing. Simply, not every person is offended by the same words in the same ways and we can't just censore everything because a specific person feels offended. Therefore those rules can't always be applied and have to be used for the major abusive behavious only. For anything else there is the chance to place those toxic players into the ignore list. As said, the tools are all there, players just need to use them and understand that there are some limitations on what we can do about those people.
  11. Alright, glad you sorted it out 🙂
  12. Hello, if is the chest window not popping up, probably you can try to go in options in click "reset". Maybe it somehow was moved off screen. that is supposed to bring the popups back in the middle
  13. Hello, we will try to do it tomorrow morning, so the issue should be fixed. Thanks for your patience
  14. Hello, this is a bit complicated issue then. Only way to fix it is to do a complete restart of the server, so it cannot be done lightly and will take a while to do it. Please be patient till then.
  15. And there are no cpu/ram high values when those dc happens?
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