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  1. I think his decision is taken and he won't change it even if some players ask him not to close because we can play like that because we don't need new content all the time. It is a loyal community who play since years despite the few updates since a while so it is a huge shock to see he decides to close this server, especially as "gift" for the 10 years birthday. But what is done is done.
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  3. The event was posted 26 july, so more than 1 week ago and some registered and managed to organize themselves to be free on friday 5/08th, honestly it's a bit late to ask this kind of things
  4. Some people are also working on saturday and maybe those who registered and made sure they can be here friday, won't be able to make it for saturday.
  5. It’s rewards from some Daily quests (you need to take the first ones and complete then you get another ones) also itemshop, can be dropped on some boss like aidia spider ect you can see it : https://database.lcgenericname02.lc/items/view/22300
  6. SS1 = Skill, SS2 = Closeup selfie, SS3= Emotion (taunt), SS4= Signature
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