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  1. This is my last drawing and it goes for [GM]Aang, it took me a while but worth. Kinda tried to make pumpkins as they really look and that was kinda hard xd, Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Sybella

    Halloween Event

    [ADM]Wizatek https://ibb.co/yQ1gMb5 [HGM]AnXieTy https://ibb.co/1fyCJvq [GM]SinCaRa https://ibb.co/jTrDpCf [GM]Aang https://ibb.co/Gv5TjmS [GS]Regnee https://ibb.co/f9pfkw3 [GS]Aiirus https://ibb.co/xqr08cJ [GS]RockStaR https://ibb.co/xm04ykV [GS]Kenzliee https://ibb.co/LN2yKY9 / https://ibb.co/HpH8QzZ
  3. Update : Couldn't edit it, Enjoy πŸ™‚
  4. I took it from a meme xD
  5. Well your title is white rabbit e.e
  6. This is for the one that host this event! It took me a while to think what I could do that would remind me of [GS]RockStaR, not much ngl, but then i drew this : (If you dont know, its a rabbit, white one. / huh bunny meme - Bing images) - Halloween related. Enjoy !
  7. Well, its time for [GS]Aiirus...I was thinking what I could do about him, thinking aswell it has to be halloween based and I could only think about how he carried the game with Elise bad as friends and this is how it went. I kinda like it more unpainted since it looks like a tattoo, if I paint it Ill upload it here aswell. Hope you like it ok
  8. Here we are with another work I've spent some hours on. This goes to our GS Kenzliee AKA Yuumi ! πŸ˜› Hope you like it πŸ˜‰ πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
  9. Hello! My "masterpiece" goes to our admin, Wizatek. I don't consider myself a great drawer but at least I've tried! Please ignore the fail on the hand ok, hope you like it. https://ibb.co/C6m5SBs Good luck to everyone πŸ˜› Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒπŸ‘» IGN: Lymseia
  10. up to you to participate or not btw, you can easily choose between participating in shaala event and have chances to get halloween wings (something special in the game) or try to do kill the gs and get some chips what to tell you lol
  11. Why would you be dealing with a Game Sage about HIS event? If you dont like it is easy, just dont join it and everyone's happy. End of the story
  12. [1000,674] ~ IGN: Sybella
  13. Hi, i have an issue with the mouse camera, i remember that in the old forum was a guide with the stuff i have to download and paste back on lc folder but since we got a new one idk how to fix it so i dont have to reinstall it, if adm or anyone else can send the controls would be super, thank you in advance
  14. 3 / 7 / 13 / 21 / 26 / 28 / 37 / 61 / 69 / 75 Sybella
  15. Sybella

    Guild Icon

    I know it will be ur cat.
  16. Sybella

    Guild Icon

    Idk what kind of sarcasm is asking about something that is clearly explained in the post above. Winnie said "Any image can be accepted, within a certain limit. Also common sense, its obvious you wont be able to put anything sexually related as guild icon.
  17. Sybella

    H&S Rewards

    Thats great, thank you :)
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