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  1. Hello Wizatek, Anx, the Staff, I wanted to say thanks you to everyone for the hard work you made all these years. It was a pleasure to play on Lc Generic Name 02. A lot of us had a lot of fun in this server and we will never forget how good this server was to us. I wish everything you said about closing the server is a joke to make us scare cause of halloween...I had personally a great time, i meeted a lot of kind people in this game and it was amazing. Thank you Lc Generic Name 02 for the work and stay safe in real life, best of luck everyone ❤️
  2. Tripex


    There a teleporter in juno place, close to siban
  3. Tripex


    Nvm, you can log on ch 1 and 3 , 2 is not working
  4. Tripex


    All character that was on is still online but no one is able to log in
  5. Tripex


    The server has crashed, it will be back in a few hours The admin is working on it
  6. What are we supposed to do if they are stuck in a wall or under the ground? Tab doesn't work either🤔
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