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  2. You can find HP+MP one at PVP item mall near arena for 50 cash
  3. Got that in juno center but no effects, you can try deleting yours. Go to your LastChaos folder / Data/ Effect/ and delete the file Effect.dat or just drag it on ur desktop to have it saved in case you wanna put it back
  4. Usually when you teleport with artifact u have a few minutes before it disappear for being in safe zone, now it disappears instantly once u port to juno
  5. he was on stream when it hapenned XD so funny, but lets blame shaala better
  6. Shindov

    Halloween Event

    [HGM]AnXieTy https://prnt.sc/1xatuak [GM]Aang https://prnt.sc/1xb1zl8 [GS]Aiirus https://prnt.sc/1xb21a8 [GS]Kenzliee https://prnt.sc/1xatxn0 [GS]RockStar https://prnt.sc/1xatyte [GS]Regnee https://prnt.sc/1xatzwa [GM]SinCaRa https://prnt.sc/1xau0kl [ADM]Wizatek https://prnt.sc/1xau1zc
  7. suggest it to Riot, and ill pray that they gonna add it :c
  8. Well I know Anxiety likes pizza, but he also likes Xerath. I was wondering for something until the idea of mixing them together appeared, and whats more creepier for halloween that half xerath half pizza deliverer? This is what came out from all of this. I hope you'll like it fatty. https://prnt.sc/1x4isvy
  9. bro we all take you as a dog, we dont need a draw for it ...
  10. shaala is fat, u shouldnt have added those sixpacks..
  11. lemme guess, that must be xerath?
  12. Hello guys, my masterpiece goes to my fan (Sincara) Trick or treat, lets see what you gonna choose. https://prnt.sc/1x2uqmz Good luck everyone and Happy Halloween ❤️
  13. Shindov

    Halloween Event

    if i punch wiza do i get any reward? o.o
  14. Shindov

    Pvp event (2v2)

    oo Shodan - Archer lSugarDaddy - Nightshadow goodluck to everyone.
  15. 6,12,23,26,34,52,69,72,84,99 Shindov
  16. Shindolphino - 1149-109
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