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  1. you are anxiety favorite too 😄
  2. exactly before Xmas 😕
  3. you can just say thanks to you i met shindov lol
  4. All these years THE BEST and it'll stay like that even if you retire from LC forever and its real, if not, i hope you bring us something cool for the 10th anniversary ❤️
  5. Will be fixed asap,dont worry,the admin is aware about it 🙂
  6. Captain - Shindovjejeje HappyNoob SorcOnAcid RockStaR
  7. Hello,the admin is aware of this problem and he'll fix it
  8. Shindov


    6 12 26 34 42 Shindov
  9. You can find HP+MP one at PVP item mall near arena for 50 cash
  10. Got that in juno center but no effects, you can try deleting yours. Go to your LastChaos folder / Data/ Effect/ and delete the file Effect.dat or just drag it on ur desktop to have it saved in case you wanna put it back
  11. Usually when you teleport with artifact u have a few minutes before it disappear for being in safe zone, now it disappears instantly once u port to juno
  12. he was on stream when it hapenned XD so funny, but lets blame shaala better
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