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  1. hi, that was like the first thing I tried, at the moment I posted this topic I only noticed the key problem, but it was with some pots (example: pbi, adrenaline) and I couldnt apply self buffs like bless arrow or buffs others, I solved this problem re intalling and re patching, now everything works fine, thanks
  2. hello, yes, I tried that, just didn't work, the chest window won't come out, same thing with pbi and some other items and I couldn't buff others, right now everything works fine but I had to re install and re patch the game, thanks for your help
  3. I tried everything, but, if you dont double click the key then the lock screen where you have to drag the key won't show up, also, it wasn't only with the key, some other items didnt work and I couldnt buff people, the only solution I found was to re install the game, unistalling first and deleting the folder where it was installed, now everything works fine
  4. hello, I cant activate the key for additional bag in any of my characters or acc, dont know why, I just keep double clicking on the key and doesnt work, did it change the way it works?
  5. Hi, ok, thanks for your help with this. yes, I reinstalled the game and download the files several times but didn't help, it is really random, doesnt matter if I am doing something or nothing, I have a new thing now, If I try to buy something from santa I get disconnect
  6. I submitted the ticket, 5 days ago, couldnt before, corona almost dragged me to hell and couldnt really play for a while, but since I got back and like 5 minutes ago I still have the same problem, weird thing, if I use another acc in the same computer one get disconnect, the other keeps on, but, when I try to log in again with the one that got disconnect I get the "account already logged in" message, like 3 times maybe and later I can log in back
  7. I have lots of "dmp" files, those ones?, thanks for replying
  8. So basically that, I get disconnect randomly, any town, any server, any dungeon, doing something, doing nothing, doesn't matter, I just get disconnected from the game, I even get an error message, so is not my internet connection. I leave the error log file attached to this post error log.txt
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