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  1. Then you should never start playing League Ranked or Valorant 😮‍💨
  2. She forgot to draw a PC with lineage in the background
  3. vRyzen

    Halloween Event

    Wondering how Fyxon can be top1 in 3 or 4 classes he must have killed way over 50k pumpkins
  4. https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/last-chaos/492693-bugfix-maus.html
  5. 13 - 21 - 34 - 48 - 77 - 45 - 89 - 100 - 90 - 65 Asuyane NS White Halloween if I win
  6. which one of them respawn? i heard the ruin one does
  7. Host Server has some connection issues. Nothing what can Wiza or Anx fix atm. We have to wait for reconnecting to the host server
  8. Everything updated even the manually update things. idk what’s the problem tbh, I just ordered a new laptop now. Maybe it will fix the issue. the con issue is from Vodafone, I checked it at my neighbours. They have no con as well.
  9. 500ms with cable , 743ms with WiFi Idk it just went up from 10ms to 500+ over Night.
  10. It’s all updated. I went to BIOS and overclocked the CPU to maximum possibile but still not really that much difference
  11. I play without effects, i have 7-8 fps in juno, with effects 2fps on Ch1 i have 21fps juno. maybe its cause of all these items needing to load at ch2. windows is updated no updated available i checked. i dont have antivirus on laptop 😄 i deleted it xd only windows defender running. with ping idk. I never had such high ping. only in LC i have 700ms atm. other games running with 10-15ms
  12. Hi all. I have constantly FPS drops from 60 FPS to 2 FPS in Juno driver etc all updated temperature of GPU : 54 temperature of CPU : 37 8GB RAM my ping went up to 700+ ms some days my net is 1000mbit/s
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