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  1. Fenix


    7-10-25-35-50 LALISA
  2. maybe you have jewels in weapon?
  3. i think its not necessary here, you can put all on merchant mode except items character bound
  4. Fenix


    that's never happen on others map only in atlantis
  5. Fenix


    the problm is you take it on atlantis and use horse city to go juno and you insta lose
  6. Fenix

    Halloween Event

    i buy like 1t in that ticket i wanna know xD
  7. Fenix

    Halloween Event

    Wizatek Sincara rockstar regnee kenzliee anx aiirus aang
  8. Fenix

    Halloween Event

    we are the resistance @Josex15 @Aiirus
  9. without hands xDDDDDDDDDDD
  10. Fenix

    Halloween Event

    sadly i have time for that.
  11. Fenix

    Halloween Event

    events are made when staff can, not when the player can
  12. Fenix

    Halloween Event

    its under map like last year i think
  13. Fenix

    Halloween Event

    @SinCaRa about kill shaala and get a candy need some rules i think bcs if aiirus want go invi all cursed they cant kill him or if rockstar go tk with 6 healers and other tk we cant kill never
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