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  1. 3/9/17/29/39/50/56/99/117/150 TAzMaNyA
  2. Tarian 1901 1833 TAzMaNyA
  3. Yes,only 1 coord exact and second with a difference maximum of 10.Perhaps for you y = first and x= second
  4. If you are right, but in the world it is read from left to right, I did not know that now we are Arabs reading.Its ok fixon ty for answer
  5. I'm happy for the winners, but my coordinates x 185 and 208 are the same as the winners, although you give more importance to location Y. It is clear that the arrows in battle did not sit well with merac.ok greetings
  6. Nickname ; TAzMaNyA location :velpist entrance Coord:185 208
  7. Rogue1234 Dratan 1805 236
  8. Fun ,On what map can you buy the tickets?
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