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  1. amazing warehouse wiza, gw.
  2. oh nvm xd, prolly with any update just get fcked the system xd
  3. If all chars disconnected from same channel, party disband, as always.
  4. or remove the repair gear from there and add combine artefacts, bcs for example if artefact have cd of expire 5min or 10min in safe zone, everytime u port to city and so, this time go lower and lower, didnt reset, and if is even artefact which was taken from some1 killed, the times of gone didn't reset also. At least in other lc's worked like this. So if that could be added, reduce cd of artefact to lower. just an idea.
  5. Press Z, go option and select option “Enter Chat” and confirm.
  6. Don’t stay in safe zone 😕
  7. There are 5 Proofs and 5 hitlist and they are in Order, A, B, C, D, E. In the guide i mention which quests are the Hitlists.
  8. Since long time there are 50 different coords of them, so good luck finding it, it was changed because suddenly ppl was doing “a lot” of reforms.
  9. About the Key, try to with the additional bags closed and double click on it. Other way is go to the bag closed and press on the padlock and the window will open and just grab the key of the bag and put in there. Too just incase, when you double click on the key, you didnt see if the key is in the closed bag?
  10. Seems too the Engine problem, i had something similar time ago, but bit different problem, sometimes randomly my Nksp dissapear from the Bin folder so i extract the Nksp.rar from the bin folder and when i tried to enter from Nksp or launcher, i just got failed to connect server, like i didn't would have internet and the "solution" was always just reinstall the game. After some time when it keep happening, i just asked friend which could be a problem, he told me is the Engine.dll, bcs the one which have 02 seems is a old one, so he added in my BIN foldera new engine.dll and atm is working good and didn't had this problem anymore. Here i attach it, if you want try it if still happening this problem to u.
  11. Well it's not a rlly weird error, it happens too to a lot of diff games, i had this once too, there are tons of videos in YouTube showing how to fix this problem, i had it once too and fixed watching a video which i found in YouTube.
  12. Well i tried just 2 draws, The first for [GS]RockStaR https://prnt.sc/1xz6tgf, he rlly wanted to get drawed like a dog, so well, here you have, even a dog with 3 heads, i guess we all know how much rockstar like to talk and with 1 mouth he don't have enough. And the second, is for my friend, fan and bot sender [GM]SinCaRa https://prnt.sc/1xz7k6a I imagine him already in bones and on knees trying to catch me botting, i mean farming, but he don't surrender yet 😛 Happy Halloween!
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