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  2. during the reading of this topic memories are running through my mind, you who are reading this yes you.. are responsible for those memories! Thank you! at the time i write this my wifi is watching tv, i used to play lc when i was a boy and now ill be father. i realy enjoyed playing lc02 as player and as staff member. i dont have words to describe my feelings now. just a few tears that want to come out. a very big thank you to all of you who played with me during those years. ❤️
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  5. When I saw this post the day it was created my heart skipped a beep. I was thinking to myself: this has to be a joke, right? Now I came back after realizing it isn't a prank to write this post. Last Chaos in general is a very special game to me, I remember the day my cousin showed me this game and I fell in love with it straight away. I was 8 at that time, convincing my mom day and night to buy me a PC so I could play Last Chaos. Times passed, I started looking for a different version of Last Chaos (10 years old boy, bad English - couldn't progress well in the hard world of normal Last Chaos), suddenly, I found LCGenericName01! Game was much more family friendly than Last Chaos USA, so as a young boy, I could enjoy it also. After one too many hours of playing, dedicating a great chunk of my day to LCGenericName01, I had to take a break. After a year or so, while visiting my cousin, I was surprised to find out he's playing Last Chaos again! But this time it wasn't the old Last Chaos, it was a private server, LCGenericName02 actually (I remember it was the only server he could play since he didn't know how to extract .rar files and most of the servers wer .rar lol). This is where I really fell in love with Last Chaos, can't remember if it was 2013 or 2014. Well, started playing and couldn't really stop. Always took breaks after some months but I always had a home to come back to. LCGenericName02 is the game that has built my childhood, I'll never enjoy a game like I've enjoyed LCGenericName02 and I'll always remember this one for the good. Even once I've become a Game Sage which was a huge honor for me. Maybe things didn't end in a good way or in the way it should have, but serving as a Game Sage was a pure joy for me. Now, I don't really have time to play, but I was hoping that one day, I'll have a home to come back to. But everything has an ending and every ending is a new beginning. To you, Wizatek, you've built a strong community around this server, you are the greatest admin I've met, you know the job well and you're doing it well, that's why the server is still standing after 9 years and 11 months. You have had many downs to the server but you've always kept your composure and got the server out of trouble. It was great working with you for the short period of time we've worked together and I'd love to see you make a comeback one day and I respect your decision, to conclude: Thank you. To Anx, To Cookies, To every single Game Master, To every single Game Sage, To every single Staff Member, To every guild I've fought for, To every guild I've fought against, To every player that helped me progress in the game, To every player that I've bought an item from, To every player I've traded with, To every player I've helped, To every player I trashtalked, To every player trashtalked me, To every player logged in to the game, THANK YOU! This game wouldn't have been the save without you, you have created a great memory to me and I will never forget the legacy of you, the legacy of LAST CHAOS GENERIC NAME 02!
  6. Unban my bot cleric pls. It was obviously a mistake ban 😕
  7. We did let you defend yourself. You claimed it was a mistake, you were not hacking, your ping was 4 and you were using a lv 8 charm. So we checked the logs for you : You were not using a lv 8 skill speed charm and your ping was 77.4. So as you see, we do not believe what people say, we do believe only in the logs files 🙂 Spreading lies doesn't work here mate, we are smarter than this :3 Better luck next time maybe!
  8. Little advice for your "future games", do not break the rules that you yourself created, allow people to defend themselves, do not believe that you are the navel of the world, do not ban for the simple fact that someone tells you the things they think, but I'm sure there will be no "future games", with this you condemned yourself, even if you said it's a joke, it will still be more dead than your penis, I wish you with all my heart, that you have a happy life, damn unhappy! ❤️
  9. Little advice for your future gaming: don't break the rules and get banned so many times if you want to actually enjoy the game my friend :3
  10. Honestly after so many years of "fighting" for the same thing, the time has finally come for this server, maybe if the administrator's corruption hadn't been so obvious it could have lasted a little longer, surely they'll saddle me on the side of the haters, but it is not like that, it would simply have been great if they let us express ourselves freely, and not shut up when we ask for a sincere answer to simple questions, always benefiting those who left the most $$$ on the server, many voices will come out to want to tell me no It's true, but those who always played alongside me, will know that even with unsuccessful evidence, the only thing they did was censor us, in short, each dog has its day! People not only abandoned them because they couldn't bring anything new to the game, but many left because of the obvious corruption in the face of the horrendous dictatorship that this administrator brought to this wonderful game, you're out of ideas! Your fucking dictatorship is over! I wish you with all my heart that you have a happy life... damn unhappy!
  11. Thank you Wiza for all these years of effort and dedication,good luck
  12. Thank you for all the years you gave us. Ten Years hosting a game that's been around awhile you gave us something creative and something fun over those years. We all started off just playing a game but we all will leave with a memory that you allowed us to create. Over the years us veterans of LCGN02 game have made friends, some maybe feel in love or maybe didn't know it but saved some ones life. We grew together learned together and shared bloopers that only true veteran noobs can make. So with almost 10 years playing your server and having the opportunity to be a staff member of this truly remarkable server and make friends along the way Thank you to you and all the other staff as well as every player I had the chance to help talk to and play beside. Without all of you my LCGN02 would not be what it is today. I wanna wish all of you from the admin down to the newest to join a Happy Journey in your Life. And for those that have delt with me in the game should now this, "Pay it forward" A simple act of kindness can be the beginning to changing just 1 persons life or can change many. But it will all start with you. Hope to see everyone again in another game as we search for another but none will ever be like home was here at LCGN02. Peace Friendship and Respect Farewell LCGN02 Shaun [GS]TilDeath (ps. Ill be here till the powers turned off and the game breaths no more)
  13. To Wiza and Cookie Thank you for such a wonderful journey you have created. It is truly and amazing one. I remembered when we first met in SEA Last Chaos MY almost 2 decades ago and had few good runs there until their server closed down. now its happening here and I do understand that all good things must comes to an end. Again Thank you and i wish you both a smooth sailing ahead. SeniorBantatonz ExMYLC ColdplayFTW
  14. So guys it's time to close this last halloween event For Screenshots challenge we decided with Wiza and Anxy to give the best reward for all participants who got one screenshot with the pumpkin rainbow . Price will be for each characters in the follow list : - 10k cash - Halloween wings v2 ( no character bounded ) - New P2 named Chick winners list : Fastforward ( archer ) Queenlinya ( ex rogue ) KenShiN ( titan) Aedhros ( ex rogue) lDinklagel ( NS) Onyx ( sorcerer) mrUnnamed ( NS) LucidDream (rogue) Nyrvana ( arch mage) Thorbelino ( arch mage ) note : finally you got it 😇 ( you can make a post for sell your butterfly B7 ) petmaker (NS) Essu ( wizard) Thanks to all , hope you enjoyed it , saw many funny screenshot ! You have nothing to claim , all items will be in your mysterious statue during this week-end . About Halloween Pumpkin Rank : Winners are : You will receive the halloween wings C2 cover in your mysterious statue during this week-end too . Raffle Event winners : Ticket A : Elinya full sp10 for your character choice on your account Ticket B : xxxGOLOSINAxxx One Atlantis weapon of your choice 100% seals maxed ! Ticket C : EviLRoguE charm lvl 8 of your choice Ticket D : ItaChiUchiHa AnX surprise ! Please make a ticket with ' Raffle Event Winners ' and let we know for who character of you account you need the item . Note : Sadly was the last big event i made , i'm already a bit nostalgic we spent fun moment and other less but i will miss you , like you i'm sad to see LCGN02 close soon we got much content for PVE and PVP and we spent many hours to think how improve them again but sometimes isn't possible . Was a real pleasure to work for you . [GM]SinCaRa
  15. Wazuuuup..Duki, pick up the phone pick up the phone... Voice in the background, rawrawraw like a pumpkin chewing rawraw... Whos There? Pick up the phone! hidden HALLOWEEN Tarian Boss: WAAZUPPP wazupp Fastforward..WAZUP??? Thorbelino WAZUP?? Hidden Pumpkin: WAZUUUP..WEEEEE. Lucidreams: WAZUUP? Thorbelino...(clicking a light bulb above his head) ah I heard him, hes in the mountains ^^^^ (kinda like Lassie hearing a squirrel farting in 5 km distance in a heavy storm ❤️ ❤️ ) All, smoking weed like crazy...WAZUPPPPP ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  16. Review: Sully Sullenberger standing in front of the judgement: Which fail is it the Cactus 1549 Flight is crashing into the river??? Sully Sullenberger...so, what your going ask of the server, We had 300 Seconds eerrr We had nearly 10 years of community, pausing, engine failure because of bird strike eer because of other private servers, and ONE Game Sage was always there. Game sage? Well, lets call him the Pilot, The Sully. There was no handbook howto, Til Death took all handbook sides in one strike. When i asked him, hey, the p2 pets do have special functions, can you rebuild them? He instant took the question up. Up to the handbook..But...well..where is that handbook? We are all having a hard time. Its still Corona, I am german and unemployed, but im about to restart my flight, into whatever will follow. I am one of those security Systems. The both engine strike 0 rounds per minute, and the electronics about to fail. Papp...who do you wanna activate? Activate the emergency turbine...Papp...back to electronics on...Papp back to Sinking flight...papp flaps to, say 99 percent, rest 1 percent will be recovering from sinking flight, and doing no CRASH...We need to land. I am saying thankyou to those warning us, its time back for real life. Your all having the Riley effect? No bingobongo to activate your rocket to bring back your normal routine reminds like family, friends, ice hockey, being mad/fun, and the being honest islands? Okay, I compile it all for you. But watchout you all do NOT forget about your virtual friends...your Travis56, your GS TilDeath, Tilidin, Aang, anybody. Either responsing or just being behind the surface. The Rostam, the best friend you may loose virtual, but maybe your breaking with being virtual, might bring you back your real life personality...take all the crab and THROW it down where anything lands, in the dark mind below, and stay aware of your reality. Tidy up your room, and invite your friends for a Coffee. Or take your Rocket machine ( in my case, its just 5 horsepower 50 ccl powered Skooter, with real leather gloves, a bright yellow jacket that bingobong in his cotton candy cat tail and flipper being is a joke, And ride with me...And ride yourself up to the moon ! Err..nonono...back to reality. I even take a break on whats on my mind, I loOVE Flying. I flew on a Boeing already, from Condor, and Airbus, 3 to 1. Whatever. Hello America...I wana say hey to giving us all that fantasies. And I say hey to Russia, giving us back what it means to fight for peace. You aint giving in to anything. But I, am not giving into anything, too. Im a fighter pilot, not a murderer, I played ever since, but I do not need to, im human, also, and i got tougher senses which each of you should activate. You dont need to play Strike Commander to higher up your reactions. Give up any drugs, and start making friends. Thats so easy to say. But harder to do in reality. Though not for me. My real friend, Gabrielle, here ingame, already stayed with me. I played with him one more day this evening. And I am missing him already, though I know we wont be parted for more than some weeks. We phoned, ever since, for one year, while playing. It was kindof a Bingo Bong, when Rostam came around the edge... Hey Wazup. Fastforward ? Whut? Sp 5678? your making ends meet? This goes like that, and hard rejection, is such a turnon for any HEALER in Nine Curve... I am wishing you all, my fellows, we meet again, in real life, on a island, maybe listening to Miss Monique, or Sak Noel, or German Music that has style. Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" and all such... Stay put being yourself, and show yourself. Let them laugh if they think you are nuts. But...believe in yourself. You aint alone. If you are held down, punch em the off switch, and stand up. If someone fixes you on the eye, make them see your are fishes, starsign, and you dont blink O O Come back being human, and dont look away, if they ask you for moral corage, SHOW EM. I dont say play unfair. Stick to the rules..anybody knows, rules are made to protect. And I believe in protection. We all made this experience, when we played Last Chaos, there were enemies, but there were friends being there, when you most did not expect them. And these are the most real friends, they aint the worst good friends, since they are no good or bad friends... Find out, whos your friend, then stick to them...You can do it. you got a stomache, use it for feelings. Even if it gets hot, and you need a friend like Aaron Adkins to drink 2 Litres of...M.D. Since you will never see a more happy face ❤️ . Why do I mix all that? There wont be any accuse who was settling Last chaos our way. We chose to play here. If we wont be able to login, then its that. No betrayal. We knew about any risk. We are taking the server is not secure for Hudson River, secure water landing, we know it could breakup. So we take the parachutes...And... Jump the fast forward, downway. fetch hands, and fly a formation ❤️
  17. Was a good run, used to play back in the days came back this year loved every second of it. tyvm for the memories
  18. you are anxiety favorite too 😄
  19. Hello, you can reset it in game if you know the account security code. There is an option for it
  20. Pl ease don't go. Take another little piece of my heart. We love you Wiz. Thanks for sharing the game, I know am going miss LCGENERICNAME02. I agree it was home. We'll be here too the end.
  21. Was a good Last Chaos in my eyes taught me a lot honestly, had friends, allies, enemies and ect. Enjoyed it a lot was always a fan of a Temple Knight but thanks for the amazing LC Wizatek, LCGenericName02 was awesome wile it lasted. UmbramMortis/Umbrosus(Temple Knight), and with that said Ill say my tk motto one last time 🙂 All I gotta say is... Wait for it... TK Powah!!!!! - Umbrosus/UmbramMortis signing off 🙂
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