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  2. I tried screen resolution to fix where i can see the toon in the middle and when making a new toon it's not showing the toon that I want to pick the style of body .
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  5. ShaaLa


    Event move to tomorrow 16:00
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  7. Gotcha thanks, ill send in a ticket this topic can be closed!
  8. For the next time, if u wanna save a name, make a new char, go webpage rename it, then when u wanna use it back rename to some random thing, and its free, but if u try to save making a new char with the name u wanna save it wont work.
  9. Hello, yes the character name stays even if the char is deleted. You can send a ticket and we can try to sort it out for you!
  10. Hey so, I deleted my character In hopes of getting the name on a different one [Since I didn't want to use that character class] but when I tried to change it to that one it came up with "Name is not available please try another one" Was wondering if there is a way to get my original name back?
  11. The winners are..... Shot 1: R1oT Shot 2: Criogenic Shot 3: Doom And the Signature I have not decided as of yet: Congratulations to those that won. And Thank you for playing along.
  12. I wanna thank all that took the time to show off their screen shot skills and created my [GS] Signature I will post the winners here in the newt few days so please keep an eye out for the post here.
  13. ShaaLa


    Hello !! I will run a spawn event next saturday [21.05.2022 17:30 server time].
  14. Shot 1: Judgement Shot 2 Shot 3: Sorrow 😢
  15. SS4 Signature, you're welcome 🤣
  16. Criomatic ss 4 GS signature event
  17. ShaaLa


    Hello.!! I will run a special bingo this saturday 14 at around 18:00 (time can be changed). This time is diferent, you have to pay 250b for a ticket, you can buy max 5 ticket per IP. Every ticket will have your 5 numbers (1-150). Example: Ticket1 : 20 30 40 50 60, Ticket2: 30 40 50 100 120 I will make 3 normals rounds with some nice rewards, and a bonus round with some nice rewards too and a Dragon wing v2 box! The event will be run on Merac ch2! For any question send me a private or find me ingame.
  18. AnXieTy

    Staff List

    Left: Liloo English - French - Spanish Desperado English - Russian-Turkish Thank you for your work!
  19. Criomatic ss 4 GS signature
  20. SS1 = Skill, SS2 = Closeup selfie, SS3= Emotion (taunt), SS4= Signature
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