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  2. Black Friday - from 2021-11-26 @ 00:00h until 2021-11-27 @ 00:00h (servertime) You will receive 50% bonus cash on every donation! Cyber Week - from 2021-11-27 @ 00:00h until 2021-12-05 @ 00:00h (servertime) You will receive 25% bonus cash on every donation!
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    Left: Kenzliee English - French - Portuguese Thank you so much for your work!
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  5. Please don't use a dll or exe file that was not provided by us. The Engine.dll in our bin folder is the only right one. It is too easy to add keyloggers or rat's to dll or exe files.
  6. Seems too the Engine problem, i had something similar time ago, but bit different problem, sometimes randomly my Nksp dissapear from the Bin folder so i extract the Nksp.rar from the bin folder and when i tried to enter from Nksp or launcher, i just got failed to connect server, like i didn't would have internet and the "solution" was always just reinstall the game. After some time when it keep happening, i just asked friend which could be a problem, he told me is the Engine.dll, bcs the one which have 02 seems is a old one, so he added in my BIN foldera new engine.dll and atm is working good and didn't had this problem anymore. Here i attach it, if you want try it if still happening this problem to u.
  7. Yes those ones, they sign the time of the error when it happens in their names
  8. I have lots of "dmp" files, those ones?, thanks for replying
  9. Hello, can you sent up via ticket the bmp file? it will be named as the timestamp on when the error accurred
  10. So basically that, I get disconnect randomly, any town, any server, any dungeon, doing something, doing nothing, doesn't matter, I just get disconnected from the game, I even get an error message, so is not my internet connection. I leave the error log file attached to this post error log.txt
  11. Hello players, It appears that some of items who had an expiration date were in fact not expiring from the inventory. The latest reboot fixed this issue. If you noticed some items/boxes expiring as you logged in, that is normal. It means their expiration date was supposed to be due in the past.
  12. he was on stream when it hapenned XD so funny, but lets blame shaala better
  13. I smell hacks! 🤫 Anyway ok, we will have a look into the logs and let you know as soon as possible via ticket reply. In meanwhile, let's just blame Shaala for it alright?
  14. Hello @Administrator or @AnXieTy, I have a BIG problem, i fused my 5 charms lv7 as u know for get lv8, i changed to ch1, tryed to add in my djin and it exchange for a fucking Puzzle 1-1, how it can be possible, i already send you a ticket, but you can see my logs, dont need to lie.
  15. This is a Win 7, 8 or higher Problem with 64bit in some Games... Its a Problem with the Runtime Libs in 64bit i mean 😉 I read this Error first time in my life xD I found some fixes and i hope it works^^ Thx Mate for answer 😉
  16. I will try it today... Thx Bro 😉
  17. Well it's not a rlly weird error, it happens too to a lot of diff games, i had this once too, there are tons of videos in YouTube showing how to fix this problem, i had it once too and fixed watching a video which i found in YouTube.
  18. Does the error show any more information before? I have not seen this error before myself in the past 8 years
  19. Yes, reinstall don't solve the Problem.
  20. Alright so, here we go for the winners ! Our dear [ADM]Wizatek choose : Periwinkle with https://prnt.sc/1xj5s9g The fatty [HGM]AnXieTy choice go to : Shindolphino with https://prnt.sc/1x4isvy GM Sincarat choose : Periwinkle with https://prnt.sc/1xj62xk Lazy [GM]Aang choice is : Sybella with https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/44/r1bp.png [GS]Aiirus choose : Sybella with https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/44/n2xc.png [GS]Regnee choice is : Bizarrap with https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/44/pfd6.png [GS]Kenzliee go to : Periwinkle with https://prnt.sc/1xj68s5 And finally, [GS]RockStaR choose : Yoke with https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/44/dtes.png i will need all the winners to send me a private message on the forum with these informations : For the ADM, HGM and GM's winners : the class you want the wings, and your ingame name (think before choose, the wings will be character bound) For GS's winners : Which charms you want (you won 2 charms lvl 7, so it can be 2 different charms aswell) and your ingame name
  21. AnXieTy

    Halloween Event

    Enjoy it bud ✌️
  22. SinCaRa

    Halloween Event

    Halloween Event Winners Pumpkin Final Rank Congratz them won a C2 Halloween wings cover with special effect and some extra value ! Result of the top class draw : MishoV1 Congratz he win a new generic V2 Halloween edition ! Halloween Screenshot Challenge result ! First one to complete : Fenix Congratz he win a kenzlie fashion collection wings ! ( just make your choice by ticket ) Halloween B10 Wings winners : vielZuHeaftsch ( NS) Dogrical ( NS) Jeeiph ( rogue ) Josex15 ( NS) [GS]Aiirus ( rogue) CumingSoon ( NS) AmelieLaCroix ( archmage) Dessitta ( healer) new name Xaayah * Shodan ( healer) new name ShindovElBandoleroo * Sabroson ( NS) KaiShiRoh ( rogue) xEvie ( rogue) periThePumpkinhunter ( healer ) Fyxon ( rogue) xlDarthVader ( NS) MrGrumpy ( mage) Stony ( knight) OwneDx ( NS) MishoV1 ( NS) CamingSoon ( NS) Medusa ( mage) ShindovElBandolero (NS) Elinya ( healer) Reward will be in your mysterious statue soon ! Missing one of staff team can be ADM/HGM/GM/GS : a charm of your choice lvl 7 + pro stalk reward package XxChInOxX3 ( make a ticket for charm choice) Halloween Raffle Event result ! Raffle Ticket A = full sp10 for your character choice on your account WON BY Rostam Raffle Ticket B = One legendary weapon of your choice 100% seals maxed ! WON BY Layanna Raffle Ticket C = charm lvl 8 of your choice WON BY XxChInOxX3 Raffle Ticket D = wiza surprise ! WON BY JustBlaze Our favorite one's event result ! Won by Fenix by 22 kills on our GS team ! Congratz to him he will win a candy by Anx !
  23. Did you try to reinstall already?
  24. [ADM]Wizatek [HGM]AnXieTy ty for u pick 😞 [GM]SinCaRa [GM]Aang [GS]Kenzliee [GS]Regnee [GS]Aiirus [GS]Rockstar
  25. Heyho 😉 After the last Update (Halloween) i have Problems with starting the NKSP.EXE Everytime comes the Error Message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application" on my 64 bit System. On my 32bit System works fine and without Problems... Anybody have a Problemsolve for me to fix my 64bit Problem? Thx and cya, Baze
  26. My winner is....Bizarrap but could be better with madrid not sevilla:(
  27. Alright guys, i will close this event here. The winners will be announced later (i need to get every staff members to judge his own part) gl to all ! 😄
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