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[GUIDE] Ticket system

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Posted 28 July 2014 - 07:14 PM

Finally the new update is out  :D wich means alot of new stuff to do and explore, wich also means new things we aint familiar with.

thats why i decided to make this little guide for the new report system; Tickets. Tickets will be replacing the forum section 'Report Abuse' , topics Hacked accounts and report things or players in the near future. To let you guys get used with the ticket system the Report abuse section will remain open untill we see a greatly usage of the ticket system  :)



The first thing you will need to do to open a ticket is go to the main website of LCGenericname02;




From there on you will need to press on the 'Contact Us' button. (see pic below)




Once pressed on the 'Contact Us' button scroll down and you will see this screen.




Create new ticket


When having difficulties or problems ingame, forum, lost account info, hacked account, etc etc...

You will need to press on the Create new ticket, wich will lead you to this screen.




As already stated on the screen, you will need to use a valid email adress to contact us with.

Using a code is an easy way to ensure you and the staff are the only one who can see your tickets, wich wil also be needed to review your current and or past tickets. I encourage you guys to use a code even if its says its optional, same with your username and character name.


There are 4 main category's to pick from, select the one that fits the best with your current problem.

If none of the 4 matches your problem use 'Other'.

A title for your ticket is required so recheck if you didnt missed it before you send your ticket.

When contacting us make sure you explain us very good what your problem is, try to fill in as much info as you can wich will make sure we can help you as fast as we can  :)

When all is filled in just click on the 'Send Ticket'





View Tickets


When pressing the 'View Tickets' button it will lead you to this screen.




If you enter the same email and code as previous tickets, all created tickets will be listed together.
You can acces your tickets without code if you left the code empty, but here again i encourage you to use a code.
When filled in your used email adress and (optional) code press the 'Get my tickets' button.
Pressing the button will bring you to all your tickets (see pic below).

From this screen you can see all your past and current tickets, replied and closed ones.

when pressing on a ticket this will come up (see pic below).




Here you will be able to read and reply to the staff.



I hope this small guide for the new report system  'Tickets', helps you guys to get used with it  :)

Feel free to pm me or use the new ticket system with your problems and questions ^^


I thank you all.




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