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[guide] Cash Certificates

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 03:46 PM


These items were created to make it safe to trade cash points. 
Sending gifts was always a risky business.
Using the Cash Auction on the website was also not really that easy.

I have created 4 different Cash Certificates.
50, 100, 500 and 1000
You can buy these certificates from the Item Mall.



The Cash Certificates can then be sold in merchant mode or traded.
The one who buys this certificate can then double click the item and the cash will be added to his account.
If you regret buying the Certificate from the mall, or nobody wants to buy it from you, no stress, just double click it yourself and the cash is added back to your account.
This item does not calculate a fee or tax so no cash will ever be lost from using this system.

All transactions with certificates are logged.
In the unlikely event that something goes wrong everything can be looked up.
Every certificate is unique and therefore can't stack in your inventory.
In the very unlikely event someone discovers a dupe hack, these items will not be in danger as each item is unique and linked with a transaction in the database.

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