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[guide] Capture The Flag

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This guide will explain what CTF (Capture The Flag) is and how to play it.
CTF is a PVP event that can be done at any time on Ch1.
In short, you need to go and get the flag from the enemy base while protecting your flag in your base.
This is a party vs party event. 

To register for the event you need to create a party.
This party can be of any size you want, but keep in mind the opponent might be with 8 players in party.
Once you have a party with strong players you are ready to register.
Find the NPC near the fountain in Juno.

There are 3 options when you click this NPC.
I don't think these options need any explanation, it is pretty straight forward what they do
When you are registered the server will wait for another party to register.
Once this happens your party will receive a teleport request.
When you take this teleport you will be brought to the waiting room.

You will have 30 seconds to buff up and prepare yourself. 
After this 30 seconds you will be teleported to your base.
In the end of your base you will find your flag.
Protect this flag and don't let anyone take it.
If your flag is not in your base it is not possible to score a point.
Now it is time to head to the opponents base and try to steal their flag.
When you reach the flag, click it and it will start to collect the flag. 
Once this is done the flag will be on your back.
With the flag run back to your base and go to the place where your own flag is standing.
Once you did this you have scored 1 point.
You will need 3 points to win the battle.
Be aware, your own flag must be at its base, if it is not there you need to recover it first.

When you see someone with your flag you have to kill him.
When you killed the flag carrier the flag will drop to the floor.
The opponent can still take it at this point.
Now you pick up your own flag and it will be returned to base automatically.

There are 2 handicaps in place when you are carrying the flag.
1. When you are carrying the flag your movement speed is limited to 10
2. When you are carrying the flag your resistance to stun/stone/silence is limited to 80%

When the battle is finished both winner and loser will receive a reward box.
The winner reward box has the chance to give a very good title.
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