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#355 Staff List

Posted by Skyward on 17 December 2012 - 04:50 PM


Administrator - English - Dutch




Head Game Master - AnXieTy - English - Italian





Game Sage - Grommit - English 

Game Sage - Shaala - English - Spanish

Game Sage - xCouldntDefendIt - English

Game Sage KylianMbappe- English - French

Game Sage - D0NUT - English - German

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#161951 Update 2016-04-22

Posted by Administrator on 21 April 2016 - 01:43 AM


This friday (April 22)it is time to release our new update.
The maintenance will take place at around 6pm GMT+1 (servertime)
In this update you will find the following things.

The Lost Pyramid raid
This is a new raid map that was completely designed by Zatii, so visual quality guaranteed!
Together with the hardest monsters you have never seen before, this will be the biggest challenge yet.
This raid will be for level 250 only, you might want to bring a tank and a healer.
Drops are 250 raid weapons, new wings and skillbooks.
A daily quest and a small affinity is also provided to add some extra reasons to get on the grind.
The teleporter to access the raid can be found in Aden town

Iris book
We have finally enabled the iris book. 
Theme 1 of the iris book will be available and designed by our gamesage Keefe.
For those that don't know what it is, the iris book is a item collection system.
You need to collect a certain amount of items, and you get the reward.
We had to modify this system a little to fit it to our needs.
Stronger Main Skills
We have made a copy of your main skill and added a stronger version of it.
But this skill is not for everyone. To learn this skill you will have to use the skillbook from the raid.
Luckily you will not lose this skillbook when you use it, so you can use it as many as you like.
You are free to buy/sell/trade the books, but once you use one, it will become untradable.
Warehouse Password
It was possible a long time ago, but its activated again, this time everything can be done ingame.
You can set a separate password to protect the contents of your warehouse.
Nobody can view your warehouse or withdraw/add items to it without your password.
If you lose the password you can reset it, ingame, using your security code.
This can be convenient if you need to leave for a longer time but don't want your items unprotected in your inventory.
Juno Town
Our Juno has a small makeover. 
It is still the same mostly, it was just time to move the Botus Beast somewhere outside town.
The terrain in the arena is flat now and some decorative changes give the whole town a new look and feel.
Again we thank Zatii for the work he has put into it!

Loot Wheel
On the website you will find a link to play on our lootwheel.
Inspired from the lootwheel on Aeria.
This lootwheel will make it possible for you to try your luck and receive the most valued items
I am trying to also make it available ingame.

Smaller things:
  • Job Change NPC will not learn skills you can't learn yet
  • Job Change NPC will remove all buffs from the current job before changing
  • Alt+Shift+Click on a item/skill/action will copy the name in the chat window, not really usefull yet
  • Alber towers fixed and level increased to 250
  • Botus beast can be found in the maze
  • New wings added to drop from the bosses in Aden
New Cash Items
2 new cash items are added that might be interesting for some people.
  • LCGN Max Rune
    This item is for the lazy, it will upgrade your weapon directly to +20 or your armor to +25
    You no longer have to put the Master Stones one by one.
    Ofcourse the normal way of upgrading will still be the cheapest option
  • Golden Phoenix Ticket
    Forgot to make your character a phoenix when you created it and always regret it?
    This item will allow you to change your character to phoenix at any level.
    A phoenix character has 200 more statpoints
If you have a old phoenix character that did not get 200 statpoints you can buy a reset statpoint item from the special items merchant.
When you use it, it will automatically add the extra phoenix statpoints.

This will be updated Friday 22-04 at around 18.00h

As always a big thanks to eveyone who worked with me to get this update finished.
Baaah for many of the ideas, but also everyone else who gave suggestions.
All the testers, Gamesages, Gamemasters.
Zatii for the work on the maps
I hope everyone will enjoy this new update
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#18269 [GUIDE] Detailed Leveling Guide For LCGN02

Posted by Seraya on 01 March 2013 - 04:53 PM

Hey Community of LCGN ;)

A friend asked me to do a small Guide for him about where to level up. So I did this:

First of all I have to say that you have to finish all Quests with a normal or a beginner PBI.

If I put a ”(?)” behind a quest that means that this quest is not necessary.

The NPCs in Brackets are the NPCs you get the quest from. I didn’t mention the NPCs where you get the rewards.

Instructions are blue. Quests are green.


Tomb of Theos Quests:

At Level 100 you accept three quests:

-Unquiet, Screaming Dead [Occultist Pianon]

-The Mummy’s New Look [Herbologist Trainer]

-Bashing Rocks, Slicing Rocks [Occultist Pianon]

Having finished these with PBI you get three more. You should have reached Level 108 now.

As a next step you do these quests:

-Deepest, Darkest Studies [Translator Edgar]

-Sphinx With Wings [Occultist Pianon]

-Tomb Purification [Archbishop]

At this point you should have reached 113+.

113-150 (+ -)

1. Vladimir Entrance Quests

1.1 Black Letter [No NPC]

1.2 To Merac Keron [Royal Guard Captain]

1.3 The Gatekeeper [Border Guard Captain]

1.4 Heart of Abaddon [Border Guard Captain]

1.5 The Secret Door [Great Magician Minearm]

2. Quests in Vladimir


1. Moonshine Entrance Quest (Until around 154?)

1.1 Ebony Mine Reconnaisance [Royal Guard Captain]

1.2 Lend Aid! [Guard Chief Whiller]

1.3 Sound Blaster [Royal Guard Captain]

1.4 Uncomfortable Truths [Royal Guard Captain]

1.5 Voyage to Merac [Royal Guard Captain]

1.6 Calisian's Journal, Part 1 [Great Magician Minearm]

1.7 Calisian's Journal, Part 2 [Great Magician Minearm]

1.8 Shaman's Darkest Shadow Door [Great Magician Minearm]

1.9 Calisian's Journal, Part 3 [Great Magician Minearm]

1.10 Parts 4 and 5 [Patriarch Zikil]

1.11 Undercover [Patriarch Zikil]

1.12 Darkest Betrayal [Patriarch Zikil]

1.13 Parts 6 and 7 [Patriarch Zikil]

1.14 Completing the Key [Patriarch Zikil]

1.15 Door to Another Land [Patriarch Zikil]

2. Do these quests:

2.1 Destiny and Survival [Weapon Trader Bruna]

2.2 Heretical Letters [Weapon Trader Bruna]

2.3 Secret Letter, Secret Meeting [Weapon Trader Bruna]

2.4 So It Begins [Weapon Trader Bruna]

3. Accept “Missionaries are Evil” [Boundary Guard Wigo]

4. Do other quests in Mondshine until you reach 158, no need to go into the Chapel yet.


1. Accept the following quests:

-Legendary Legendro [Boundary Guard Wigo]

-Evil Shepherd, Twisted Flock [Boundary Guard Wigo]

-Messaging Prayers (?) [Boundary Guard Wigo]

-Prison Chatter [Boundary Guard Wigo]

-Darkest Reconnaissance [Commander Riue]

-> For this quest you only have to kill one Brainwashed Corpse

-Tunneling to Freedom [Boundary Guard Didie]

-Essence of Heresy (?) [Boundary Guard Wigo]

-Death to the Traitors! [Prime Minister Erbe]

-Captured Leader [Prime Minister Erbe]

-Honoring the Dead [Stonemason Moro in the Underground/Left Side of Chapel]

2. Do all these quests now, but do not take the reward yet. You have to save them for later!

First do the quests in the underground (“Honoring the Dead”, “Tunneling to Freedom”).

Don’t do “Death to Traitors" and “Captured Leader” yet!

3. Get your reward for the quest “Honoring the Dead”.

4. Finish the quests “Captured Leader” and “Death to Traitors!”.
-> Therefore you have to kill the Betrayer Soori on the last floor of the Chapel

Having killed Soori, a NPC appears, called “Purified soul of Soori”.
He gives you a reward for your work (Captured Leader).

5. Do the quests that are following now:

5.1 Rescue the Prime Minister [Purified soul of Soori]

5.2 The Imprisoned Mason [Prime Minister Amba]

5.3 Shards of the Key [Stonemason Gonire]

5.4 Music as a Weapon [Prime Minister Amba]

6. Accept the quest “A Brief Respite”. Do not take the reward yet!

Now you should be Level 160/161. Do not take the reward for any other quest!

At this point you are done with Mondshine and it’s going to Tarian.


I will just add the quests here without many comments.
Do them in the same row as I’m writing them down!

In Tarian there are two quests that you do not need at all because
they give really low experience and are not a part of a quest chain.
These quests are “Tarvox Bones” and “Venal Destruction”.

This is how you do the other quests:

1. Finish The Warmest Coat [Armor Trader Karino]

2. Finish Karunta’s Ball of Fur [Armor Trader Karino]

3. Accept the quest “Completing the Coat” [Armor Trader Karino], but do not take the reward yet.

4. Finish the quest “Trapped in Ice” [Collector Lieto]

5. Do the quest “Molohk’s Test” [The Great Statue of Molohk], but do not take the reward yet.

Now you should have reached Level 163+.

6. Do the quest “Yeti Attack!” [Scroll Trader Ella] but do not take the reward yet.

7. Finish the quest “A Cruel Message” [Soldier Lux right in front of the town]

8. Finish the quest “Military Aid” [Soldier Lux]

9. Finish the quest “The First Wave” [Border Guard Onian]

10. Finish the quest “The Second Wave” [Border Guard Onian]

11. Finish the quest “The Final Wave” [Border Guard Onian]

12. Finish the quest “Scout the Demonic Camp” [Border Guard Onian]

13. Finish the quest “Return Alive” [Border Guard Spy]

14. Finish the quest “Stealing Supplies” [Border Guard Bellum]

15. At 170 do the quest “Tank Demolition” [Border Guars Bellum] but do not take the reward yet.

16. At 171 do the quest “Stealing Demonic Gear” [Border Guard Bellum] but do not take the reward yet.

17. Finish the quest “Alea of the Royal Guard” [Border Guard Bellum]

18. Finish the quest “Abattoir of the Damned” [Alea of the Royal Guard]

19. Finish the quest “Stench of a Ghoul” [Alea of the Royal Guard]

20. Finish the quest “Garbage Disposal” [Alea of the Royal Guard]

21. Finish the quest “Gigantic Norg” [Alea of the Royal Guard]

Congratulations, you are done with Tarian now!

You can do your first quest in the Tarian Prison (LCGN Teleporter) now,
you get it from the Tarian Dungeon Quest NPC in there. Finish it.

Having all quests done, you have to finish the quests that you saved from Moonshine and Tarian now.

After that you should have reached 180+. The highest Level I reached only by questing on this server was 185. But:

In addition you can also do the Compla Quest Chain (last one: Bonds of Vengeance,

lvl 158) and Fleshbound Prison in the Altar of Darkness, this will give you alot
of exp, you can even hit 185 with them. I didn't mention them

it's possible that you miss the Crusted Norg Quest because of this,
what would make you unable to hit 184+ by quests.

You finished questing and now it is about grinding :P

Grinding Tips:
I would suggest using Epic Exp Spell, Platinum Blessed Iris, Snowman, Stripes and

Experience Boosters while killing Holy Palpiti, Black Tyrant Ramslo and

Destroyer Pelion in Tarian Prison. You find them in the last rooms. This will cost you 50-100 Exp Boosters per

Level max.

If you have any problems with getting killed during your pbi, get a good guild to help you :)

If you don't know where some of the monsters are, check this:


Source: Maps and Screenshots

I hope everything is clear :)
If you find any mistakes please contact me immediately.
Good luck!


-Level Cap Raise on 20.06.2013, 187 to 200

-Update on 11.09.2013

-Update on 20.03.2014


-Level Cap Raise on 28.07.2014, 200 to 220



-Level Cap Raise on 14.10.2015, 220 to 250


Translations of the Guide:

French Translation - Thanks to [GM]EvaneLLa!

Spanish Translation - Thanks to [GM]GirlOnFire!

Italian Translation - Thanks to [GS]AnXieTy!

German Translation

I will edit the guide once in a while, update it and so on (if there is a new Level Cap or whatever).


Quit the game, so I wont keep this updated anymore! :unsure:

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#151309 I Love Lcgn02 Event!

Posted by -Lishy- on 29 September 2015 - 10:48 PM


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#108387 Take a Selfie event [CLOSED]

Posted by Sami on 16 April 2014 - 08:43 PM




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#141160 Draw Event

Posted by MoniA on 09 March 2015 - 07:06 PM

GreekLoves my fav GM xD with PK mode and girlfriend xD <3 63.jpg

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#156048 Selfie Event!

Posted by Sami on 21 November 2015 - 06:00 PM

The Queen's entry ;

KenZ - [GS]Kenzliee

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#169333 Update: Cap 265 - Equipment - New Map

Posted by Administrator on 17 March 2017 - 05:26 PM

Here it is, the next big update. 
I know there are quite a few people who don't like a new cap, but hey leveling is part of a MMO. 

This is the list of changes:


  • Level cap increased to 265
    Leveling is done grinding in the new map, a special EXP booster is created that only works in this map.
    This exp booster will boost your exp x6 instead of x4.
    This can be purchased for gold at the shop NPC in the new map.
  • Completely new map added to the game called Aidia for levels 250+
    This map is filled with new monsters and a few challenging boss monsters.
  • Level 265 equipment added, can be created in the new map.
  • Affinity added in the new map. requirement for the 265 equipment
  • Empty bottle added, this item upon use will give a random 5 minute buff, works in a similar way like halloween candys
  • Generic Moonstone added, this moonstone is the new highest grade moonstone and can be obtained in the new map.
  • New Chaos Jewels are created with skills on them.
    These skills have a 5% chance to activate when you get hit and will last for 6 seconds.
    For this skill to activate you need to have a item called Chaos Energy which drops in the new map from all mobs
  • All the normal C2 costumes are now also available with "Faction bloodseals" you can buy these in your faction's base camp in Alber
  • Tomb of Theo amount of monsters increased, EXP rate in Tomb of Theo increased aswel
  • Holy Trial moved to Ch2, Ch4 removed
  • Probably more things but i can't remember it directly.

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#152721 The Big Update

Posted by Administrator on 14 October 2015 - 11:03 PM

After a few months of hard work the patch is finally complete.
It has been a whole lot of work to create the new map.
Its also the first time i ever made a complete map myself so don't be to hard on me :P 
I want to thank all the testers that have been testing and suggesting and testing and thinking along with me to get this patch to the state its in now.
Really guys i could not have done it without you.
Level cap increased
The new levelcap for this patch is 250. Do not fear, you won't be spending weeks of grinding to reach this level. The leveling will be relatively quick and as many requested it will be quest based!

New world Aden added
A completely new world has been added, this world requires a minimal level of 220 to enter. You can enter at the normal [LCGN] Teleporter.

New quests added
Level to 250 is done with quests. Getting the new equipment will be from daily quests. If you don't like questing this update will be a bad one for you!

New Weapons added
Completely new 250 weapons have been added. You can get the weapons by doing the Daily Boss Quests in the new world Aden.

New Armor added
This armor will be quite a bit better then the faction armor, and like the 200 armor it will come in a few flavors to allow maximal customization of your character.
You choose how to build your character. The equipment needs to be crafted from crafting books in Aden. Requiring to do the Daily Boss Quests.
Because it is difficult to get the perfect equipment, and we don't want you to have to wait forever. It is possible to remove your jewels from the 250 armor and weapon.
So you can jewel and use the 250 weapon you get, until you find a better one. Then you can take out the jewels, and put them in the new weapon (100%)

New High speed Mounts added
These mounts are for level 220+ characters. They are completely new mounts with a speed of 30

New P2 Pets
Some random P2 pets are added that have no real purpose but just for fun. 
DooBean is also available now and might be the strongest P2 pet ingame with a powerful aoe skill

New Monsters
Completely new monsters that you have never seen in LastChaos before. You can find them in the new world Aden. But beware, they are quite strong

New Bosses
Now this is something special. These new bosses are HARD not just a little hard, but HARD. If you think you will solo them, then you will have a bad time.
These bosses have different settings for different characters. These bosses will hit extremely hard on damage and support classes. 
The only 3 classes that are able to handle these are Warmaster, Highlander and Temple Knight. But even these characters can't survive these bosses 
without a good Healer. So you think, i just need a Tank and a Healer and i will be good, Wrong. Tanks will deal almost no damage, just enough to keep the monster from
hitting your other party members. To make a long story short, you need atleast 1 damage dealer, 1 healer and 1 tank to kill these bosses.
You have to kill these bosses daily for quests, with your friends to be able to get the Weapon and Armor. There are 9 of these bosses in Aden.

New strong title
This title is stronger then the Affinity Master title. It requires you to kill a certain amount of the bosses to get this title. 
This title is only obtainable for those that have the Affinity Master title, its not possible to skip the Affinity Master title.

New Affinity
This new affinity is a means to get the Crafting books, we are bringing back the old crafting books and crafting skills.

Halloween event started
The old halloween event like we know it for years and years is enabled again.

Halloween costumes added
Halloween costumes are available from the Halloween NPC's in Juno.

Halloween weapon covers added
Halloween weapon covers are available from the Halloween NPC's in Juno.
- Experience Drinks max level 220
- Medicine cooldown set to 60 seconds.
- Solid body skill duration changed to 3 seconds.
- Guild wall removed.
- Guild holy cure removed.
- Item cooldown gets saved when logging out (no more relogging to reset your cooldown).
- Personal dungeon tickets don’t go straight to inventory but drop on the floor.
- Castle Siege day can’t be changed anymore, only the time. MCS = Saturday, DCS = Sunday.
- Visible range of Characters and Npcs changed from 36 to 50 (should solve the running players skill bug)
- DCS timing problems should be fixed (i hope)
- All PVP Skill damage is 50% increased.

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#147552 Wizatek Birthday Event

Posted by Administrator on 14 August 2015 - 07:40 PM

Tomorrow, 15th, its my birthday so i decided to give a little party.

Starting from now the following extra's apply until monday morning when i wake up.
Affinity Points x3
Exp x2
SP x2
Pet exp x3
P2 Pet exp x2
Faction Points x3
Cash from donation x2

These extra's are applied after all the other effects.
If you use all kinds of exp boosters to get x12 exp, you wil get 24x exp!

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#119030 Staff List

Posted by Zelghradis on 11 May 2014 - 09:43 PM



Head Game Sage - AntiSociaL - English




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#156102 Selfie Event!

Posted by -Lishy- on 23 November 2015 - 01:16 PM



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#107579 Take a Selfie event [CLOSED]

Posted by Nadinch3n. ♥ on 15 April 2014 - 08:59 PM



Selfiee :3

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#151152 New Content Testing

Posted by Administrator on 27 September 2015 - 01:12 PM


The new update is nearly complete.
There has been some testing going on, but now its about time for the big test.
I am searching for a group of 10 to 15 people who enjoy searching for bugs and glitches.
The purpose is to get this new update completely on point so that there will be no problems when updating it.
You will also be able to see the new content before anyone else.

At the end of the testing period you will receive a nice cash compensation based on your bug hunting activity.
If you just want to sign up, only to see the new content, then you better not sign up.

What we will be testing:
* Level cap
* Complete New map
* New Equipment
* New Monsters
* New Bosses
* New Quests
* New pets
* New Mounts
* New Affinity
* New Items
* New Npcs

This is quite a big update, and like any big project there will always be mistakes, glitches or things not working.
So i am searching for people who like to hunt for bugs into detail, every nifty little thing.

I will copy the current live server database to the testserver.
So on the testserver you will be playing a 1 on 1 copy of your live server character.
I think that is the best way to test the content closest to reality.

There are only a few requirements.
- Must have a character 220
- Must have a understanding how LastChaos works
- Must be able to speak proper English (no im not racist its just important that i understand what you report)

If you are interested in this.
Please send a Ticket on the website with the account you wish to use.

In the ticket also mention your forum name so i can add you to a special group. 


Please be aware that you can still be rejected.

Misbehavior on the test server will carry over to live server.

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#87806 Warning !

Posted by CookieZ on 15 February 2014 - 01:54 PM

There's been alot of people get hacked in the last week, so i advice you to do the following things.



Please do not use the same info as you do on other private servers.


Please do NOT download  third party software.


Please do NOT accept downloads on skype.



Also do not use the same b-day date people now days are cleaver.

They simply can ask questions which is related with your real info of your account.

Always use different info and keep them safe somewhere you cant loose them.


For more questions private message Cookiez or Zelghradis.


Friendly regards Debbie

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#156054 Selfie Event!

Posted by xGuardianAngelx on 21 November 2015 - 08:37 PM

here's mine! (ft.everyone at mcs today!) why watch people kill each other when i can take selfies...ijs  ;)




[GM]xGuardianAngelx :D

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#124522 Staff List

Posted by Zelghradis on 02 June 2014 - 06:31 PM




Game Master - AnXieTy - English - Italian





Head Game Master - AnXieTy - English - Italian




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#168795 Wanted: Testers For The Next Update

Posted by Administrator on 27 February 2017 - 07:21 PM

Good evening.

The next large update is right behind the corner.
To make sure everything works like it should i am looking
for a few players that are willing to test this new content.

I know that there are quite a few people curious about the update.
However if you only want to apply to see the update then i rather you don't.
This update is quite a bit PVE based so consider that before you apply.

I think the testing phase will last all week.
Because it is possible that things change i will have to ask all testers to follow this principle:
What happens on the test server stays on the test server.

If you want to apply, please send me a PM with the account(s) you want to unlock for the test server.
The test server user database is a copy from the live server of this afternoon.
When you are accepted i will add you to a usergroup on the forum to get all the details.
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#158497 The Battle Is Run, Dutchy Signing Off.

Posted by Dutchy on 15 January 2016 - 09:19 PM



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#128313 Masked Selfie event

Posted by Kristenn on 24 June 2014 - 02:17 PM



No Comment on my face ... xD

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